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Anxiety re: ARS symptoms

Hello:  Heterosexual, non-drug using male, worried about one or two possible exposures several years ago with escorts due to slight condom maslfunction.  Recently, I remembered that there was one time a couple of years ago that I'd had this period of a couple weeks where I'd had these night sweats.  I didn't think anything of it at the time, I just thought that because the room was cold my body was creating heat.  Based on what I read about HIV though, I am freaking out that this might have been an ARS symptom.  

--Could that have been an ARS symptom?  I had no other ARS symptoms with that - no fever over 100, no lymphnode breakouts, no rash etc. - but does ARS ever manifest itself only with night sweats alone, or is it usually other symptoms with it?  

--What would be "classical ARS symptoms" i see Doctors referring to?  

I know the Docs say that symptoms are worthless as indications of HIV, but still I feel this terrible anxiety and would welcome any thought.
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Whats a slight condom malfunction? Either it rips or it doesnt, which one happened to you? If it ripped you would have known because the entire rubber would have been around your **** like a hula hoop.

Easy solution, run down to the clinic and get a rapid test and know your status in 30 minutes. Problem solved.
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Most people experience a fever but its different for most, its hard to say what are the most common, about half the people out there dont even experience ARS symptoms, and like Dr. HHH says, roughly 1% of the people that go see their doctors experiecing what they think is ARS, end up being HIV positive, the rest are your variety of flu's or something else rather.  The "NightSweats" referred in ARS symptoms are the kind that make you change your clothes and bed sheets, and even that may be something else and not HIV at all.  Why dont you get tested if its been acouple of years, a test would give you peace of mind.  HIV is very rare, and chances are very low that the escort even had HIV, and even if she did, your chances of catching the HIV would be low as well.
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ARS symptoms vary greatly from person to person, and may be so mild as to go essentially unnoticed or be so severe as to be debilitating. I can give you the frequency in the form of percentages of various signs and symptoms of primary HIV infection. Perhaps that will help. Fever 96%, enlarge lymph nodes 74%, sore throat 70%, rash 70%, muscle aches 54%, diarrhea 32%, headache 32%, nausea and vomiting 27%, enlarged liver/spleen 14%, weight loss 13%, thrush 12%, neurologic symptoms 12%. Remember, however, that symptoms, even all of the above listed symptoms, do not equal HIV disease. There are many illnesses that can cause these symptoms. The only way to know if you've contracted HIV is to get tested. and only 50% of hiv positive people had the symptoms and they appeared 2-4 weeks after exposure.

The only way to know if somone is infected is testing, if you remain worried get tested it will only take 20 min and will give you a life of peace of mind
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you men are relentless in these figures...geeeeeeeeeeeez.

GO TEST...it's the only way to know.
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ECN is all over the stats today, lol. Did you take stats in college?
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I do work in stats and math, but that is just a repost from Dr. Bob at thebody.com.

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what are the odds that i'm gonna loose it if i see any more odds posted here?  lol
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with that attitude they are pretty high lizzie
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thank you...
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