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Hello Dr's,

Roughly 3 1/2 weeks ago I had unprotected sexual (vaginal) intercorse with a woman. After some 10 days, I started feeling a slight sore throat and light chills, which went away the day after. Now roughly 14 days later, I started experiencing small rashes (red-bumbpy, not particularly itchy) on the upper left hand side of my chest and on my neck. I am also experiencing itchiness around the scalp, especially around the ears . After all of these symptoms in mind, I started to diagnose HIV, which I know is extreme, but i feared the worst. I haven't experienced fever, muscle or joint aches or night sweats, however I know that some few people who are newly infected with HIV don't experience symptoms at all. Hence, it's put me under a lot of stress lately, and I am afraid it's made me lose focus and concentration and needed instant moral support. I live in a region where HIV is pretty much "illegal", and anyone that is diagnosed with this virus is permanently banned from the country.
So today, roughly 3 1/2 weeks after the being in the risk zone, I decided to test myself against HIV.
Now my question, I know that HIV tests will pick up the most accurate result at least 3 months after being in the risk zone, but can the test give at least some sort of indication whether it'll be negative or positive. Can the (most likely) negative result reassure me once I get the results, or can you guys reassure perhaps? I am surely aware that you guys get these questions all the time, and sorry for submitting a FAQ.  
I have strong feelings for my partner, and don't want to ask her if she's ever tested herself against any STD's, because then I can kiss that chance goodbye.
Thank you in advance for taking your time to answer my concern

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Take a DUO test at 28 days, that will be fine.
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Is that what they usually use? I told them that it was less than a month ago and they mentioned that id have to come back on the 90th day after the risk day.
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90 day test is just an antibody test a DUO check for antigen and antibody and is conclusive at 28 days.
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"I have strong feelings for my partner, and don't want to ask her if she's ever tested herself against any STD's, because then I can kiss that chance goodbye." - If this person means that much to you, and you assume the feelings are mutual, why not ask? Why put yourself through the stress? She might even be thinking the same thing about you. She's at greater risk of acquiring STD's anyway.
HIV is not as easy to catch as the propagandists would like for us to believe. It is exceedingly unlikely for a man to acquire HIV from an HIV+ female through an isolated unprotected vaginal sex episode. And, more importantly, your partner would have to be HIV+, and HIV is much more rare than most think. In North America only about 1% of the population is HIV+ and most of those are homosexual and bisexual men as well as intravenous drug users. HIV is extremely rare in heterosexuals.
You have very little to worry about when it comes to HIV. If I were you I would begin a conversation about STD testing with your partner. You might be surprised that she may have been just as concerned as you.
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Thanks for the replies! Appriciated
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