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Anxious about HIV exposure

Dear Expert/ Advisor,

I am based in Jakarta now. Apparently HIV here is significantly rising.

Yesterday I made arrangements to see an Indonesian karaoke hostess. We were having protected sex. However when reverting to another position, I felt the durex condom break as I was penetrating her. It must have been up to halfway inside her vagina when I felt it break. The moment this happened, I immediately withdrew only to see my penis exposed, and put on a new condom, which was apparently intact throughout the rest of the episode.

I queried her on her status and she replied that the last time she got tested was two months ago, and her HIV status was negative. Since then she has been seeing 5 clients over the past month, sleeping with each of them once.

However, I am still nervous, and have a history of anxiety as suggested in my previous posts.

I have read the Doctors' responses to others who have gone through similar experiences. Consistent with such advice, I have requested her to undergo HIV testing, which I am prepared to accompany her and pay for. I am still awaiting her reply. If all else fails, I will go for testing after 28 days but in the meantime I will be a nervous wreck. I am aware that further testing is necessary at the 3 month mark.

I just wonder if PEP is necessary. The nature of my work is such that I have to be alert and even propose solutions, small as they be, or take a position in a particular case. So I'm afraid of its side effects. Some patients of PEP state that the side effects were mild, but as the Doctors here have advised, they can be moderate to severe. I suppose it varies between patients.

What would you advise that I do? What is the risk of my exposure? In these circumstances would you advise PEP?

Thanks and Best wishes,
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The risk of HIV infection. From a womb to a man, for a full episode of sex is 1 in 1000.

As you have pointed out, you pulled out as soon as you realised it had split, this would immensely lower your risk if she even had HIV in the first place.

I would suggest one test only, at 28 days or more, this will be the Duo test, this will give you a conclusive result, there is no point or need to test to 3 ,on ths any longer.

Your risk is so small it's almost impossible to quantify, I fully expect your test result to come back Negative.

Best Wishes

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