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Anxious again, oral thrush/white tongue. Teak??

I had unprotected oral and vaginal sex 5 weeks ago and was HIV tested about 3 weeks ago by the military (annual) which is negative. I was also tested in Febuary of 2007 and was well out of the window and was negative. So if I did get infected it was been within the last year.

Anyway one week after my possible exposure I developed white tongue/thrush/candiasis or whatver you want to call it. My tongue is generally whitish and more so toward the back of the tongue. I always hear that this doesnt happen in the beginning of HIV infection but then lately I was reading on other sites where people are claiming that these problems can happen during seroconversion. Is there really any truth in that? I didnt belive it was possible really until i read it on a few other places. I really havent had any other symptoms, no fever, swollen glands or any of that. The only thing ive been is tired, likely from the stress and anxiety.

I dont understand why some places are saying that oral problems dont come on until late stages of HIV but then others are saying it can happeen early on. Which is correct?

I guess my question really is that can this problem pop up so soon after possible exposure? If I was infected it had to have happned in the last year, would oral problems like this be able to happen that soon?

Once again my anxiety is raging again and I need some reassurance before I go back for testing again.
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By the way this site is really great, it has helped to calm me down in the last few weeks. Too bad im feeling bad again.

And my white tongue is painless also, and my saliva is also white and I failed that candida spit in the glass full of water test that i saw on a bunch of websites.
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here are 2 links to pics of my tongue. What do you guys/gals think?


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So, you was tested 2 weeks post exposure?
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yeah i was, it just so happened 2 weeks after exposure we had our annual immunizations and blood work at my reserve drill weekend.
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I never saw this symptom related to seroconversion. And symptoms are never a indicator of possible infection. Your partner is positive? She has a active sexual life? Oral sex is consider safe, and the possibilities of contract this virus in one single exposure is not so high, and probably your parter are negative! So stay calm, do a test when you reach 6-8 weeks, and other after 12-13 weeks! I'm sure you'll be fine! =D
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Ah, sorry about my english!
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What you call 'white' is not truly white but the microvilli that typically grow on our tongue papillae, that is normal. This microvilli are tiny hairs that make our tastebuds, they are longer at the back of the tongue. At the back of our tongues we also have bigger papilae.
That is not thrush, or candidiasis, specially since you passed the glass test. Stay away from them csws, and loose women, they carry all the deseases. But your tongue is normal.
Take some probiotic supplements, and test for your peace of mind.
Be good do good and all good will come back. God bless.
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God bless you friend!
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I actually didnt pass the glass test, if it really even has any credibility. I know the papilae can have a normal whiteish to them but i thought mine have been whiter than they should be.
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Thrush is not HIV specific. Anyone can get thrush at any time.
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Yeah I understand that, just odd timing i guess. Do you think there is any credibility in thrush even occuring during early hiv though? Too much conflicting information out there.
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do you smoke?????
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Im not a regular smoker, I do smoke when im drinking though and when i do I can smoke a whole pack of newports in 5 hours, I chain em when im drunk.
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And i have been doing a lot of drinking as of the last 6 months
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your tongue looks healthy, you said you developed white tongue/thrush/candiasis however you cannot self diagnose yourself. Then usually do a swab test for the thrush. Your tongue looks healthy a white coating is healthy most people have a white coating and everyone to some degree has yeast on there tongue. I dont believe what you have is a thrush.
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Thanks, I guess maybe I never really took notice of it until recently. I guess the tongue is supposed to have a thicker white coating on the back too, I never noticed that either until I started sticking my tongue all the way out looking in the mirror. I just thought most peoples tongues are very pink and mine should be too.
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Your name says it all! being in the armed forces will give you many times to have sex with sex workers becareful make sure you use a condom and dont give a sex worker oral sex. Your looks healthier than most peoples tongues and your tongue looks very normal stop being a worried wart you dont have HIV.
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haha, ive never messed with a sex worker in my life actually. Im just in the reserves right now anyway, I got through with the active side a while ago.
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first off your tongue does not have thrush on it, go look at pictures of thrush. tongue is perfectly normal. second a 2 week test is not going to tell you anything but that you were neg 3 month before that test. thrush is rare to show up in seroconversion and if it did you would have some other symptoms. get a grip and stop looking at the tongue. if you had unprotected sex get a test at 3 months, always use condoms
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Yeah the test i did take at 2 weeks was an annual mandatory test, I know it doesnt mean much. I dont have any other symptoms either. Ill probably go get tested at 6 weeks, which is next weekend.
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So having some white on my tongue is completely normal then even if it does look kind of thicker on the very back when I stick my tongue way out? It does change color if I eat someting with color too.
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having a semi whitish coloring toward the back of your tongue is a common thing (not EVERYBODY has this trait but A LOT of folks do). The fugus that causes thrush is common in over 60% of the population, and can get out of check for a zillion reasons, the least likely which is HIV. Like Teak said "thrush is not HIV specific" PLUS, it's doubtful you even have thrush. It's painful as hell from what I gather when you get a real episode.
I went through the same fears not long ago, but tested negative. You're fine.
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Did you see the pics of my tongue? The links are in one of my above posts.

I really dont think its the typical thrush that people get, it wasnt patches and I cant scrape it off my tongue really. Its like the papalie or whatever they are called are just kind of white. And its thicker all the way in the back. No pain at all either.
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Ergo, it's not thrush.....

It's regular man, my tounge looks pretty much the same EVERYDAY...I just didn't really ever notice it until a while ago...
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