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Hi Guys..

To remind you of my story, I had multiple unprotected encounters with a girl which I came to know later that she is HIV +. The last encounter was 5 weeks ago. I tested after 4 weeks and 3 days from the encounter by an Abbot Ag/Ab test and it came back negative. I know I have to test again later on, but how much is this test encouraging? Can I at least say am 90% clear?

One more thing, after about 25 days I had a sore throat which lasted for 2-3 days, a diahrea which lasted for one day and some spots on my neck (weak rash) also for 2 days. The test was about 2 days after these symptoms were gone. Could this be ARS?

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can anybody please help?
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fever is often the most common symptom of ARS. ARS is almost always accompanied by fever. the absence of a fever is a good indication that it is not ARS. the symptoms you described are very common and may be caused by a thousand other things other than hiv. nevertheless, i'll pray that you'll be negative. get a 13 week test to be sure. good luck and God bless!
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so what do u guys think about my 31 days negative test? also, if no fever is present, can I say that this was not ARS?
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Another thing to note about ARS is that the symptoms come and go at the SAME TIME.  Meaning fever/diarrhea/sorethroat/pain/rash comes at the same time and goes at the same time.
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Do 4th Gen tests detect HIV 1/2 or just HIV 1?
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most routine tests now cover for 1 and 2 and unless you live in africa hiv 2 is not a big deal.
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try getting a post 12 or 13 week test. maybe its just anxiety but better be sure.
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yeah...but I read somewhere that 4th generation tests do test for both...is that true?
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