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Hello guys

Ive had an unprotected sex with a man twice and that man turned out to be positive, once was on the 11th of january 2021 and the second time was 24th October 2021, I have 7 palpable lymph nodes in my neck for the past 5 months and 2 on my groin and I never thought it was hiv, I even went to the hospital and they told me they’re swollen but we dont know why!!! Then by the end of march i found out that the guy has been positive for 6 years my anxiety kicked in and his viral load is detectable I went to a clinic to test.

This clinic took my blood sample and sent it to a lab an hour away from where the clinic is at. And my results came back negative. So I called the lab and asked them which test did you guys use? They said CMIA

Is CMIA reliable? Should i test again in a different place and not trust those guys? I dont know what to do, Im scared because i might get deported from where I live now.

Im questioning my results because there are 7 swollen lymph nodes in my neck, and all what the hospital told me that you have high t4 and low tsh and high monocytes. Ive I had a high fever a month after the second time and I lost 30kgs of my weight and after those 3 symptoms i went into a car crash and broke my plateau.

My result was 0.16 and i dont know if i should trust it or not

What should I do?
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The test you took is reliable and conclusive.  You do not have HIV.  Any medical symptoms/issues you are experiencing have nothing to do with HIV since you tested conclusively negative.
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So CMIA is reliable? Because most of the sites even the doctor says that sometimes you can test negative at the 3 months mark and positive at the 6 months mark, i dont even know wht CMIA means, i only know that there are RNA test, antigen and the duo.
The advice answered that question. It is time to move on. 3 months is an outdated overly conservative guideline that some sites use.
So CMIA is reliable and accurate yah?
I'm not going to repeat myself.  You don't have HIV.  Move on.
Just because this keeps coming back to me, 2 months ago he used a tissue to clean his nose and my nose was bleeding a lot so asked him for a tissue and there was none, and he gave me that one, can hiv get into my body through that tissue?
Sorry this was about 2 weeks ago*
The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

There is no other activity that you can think of that would put you at risk for HIV.

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