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Any RIsk or No Risk [a weird situation]

Hello there,
i don't know about how this will come but I wanna answer as soon as possible otherwise i will become lunatic as I am always thinking about this....

it started when i went in a public hospital washroom and what came to my mind I just thinking about how it will be if I masturbate in hospital, sounds like weird to me now....
so when i entered into the bathroom i opened the door by touching that doorknob on which I believe a kind of sticky fluid was there likely to be like semen and without even washing my hand, i directly started masturbation and after that i wiped my head of penis(urethra) with that same hand on which before that semen was there....

My question is that [assuming that semen which was there on that doorknob was HIV positive fluid as that place was a hospital] by this action of mine comes under the risk of getting HIV .. i am asking because now after 2 weeks of exposure I got watery nose flu, heavy head and sore throat etc.... and lots of worries obviously. Can this require any test.also symptoms i am experiencing has any relation with HIV. Plz help me and give this answer or else i will be lost....... Lots of Thank You in Advance.......................plz..........................help........................me........................
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No risk whatsoever.
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thanks sir @ jamesd1991 for your reply..

just one more question........
as the above episode i mentioned i forget to ask you that by this action of mine in which i wiped my head of penis(urethra) with that same hand that having hiv positive(assuming as per the place) semen of another person, can this semen anyhow potential to entered my urethra(hole of penis).

also why i m getting these HIV like symtoms now?
any suggestion will be very much appreciated... thanks again sir
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We do not play the "what if" game and that is what you are asking...what if this fluid was seman? what if it was from someone who was HIV+...not playing that game.
You had no risk.
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thanks sir @vance2335,
i appreciating your response and reply..........................
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