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Any exposure In frottage?

I had a body massage or frottage with a lady I know nothing about her health status. Throughout the process I was wearing an under pant, she rubbed/brushed her vagina against the upper part or base of my penis. My penis was not pointing upward but was laid flat with the penis hole or urethra facing flat between my thighs. At the end of frottage she put her fingers in her vagina and I think discharge some liquid on my underpant around the top (base) of my penis around the groin to where the penis whole is. My question is can I contract sti or hiv through this narrated encounter? Even though I ejaculated at the other end too, not where she discharge body fluid and my underpant was still on me. Thanks in advance.
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Sexually, HIV is only transmitted when an unprotected penis is inside a vagina or anus.  It is not transferred through underwear or through fluids coming into contact with a penis or vagina.  HIV requires penetration in order to transmit.
Thank you Curfew X, this really helps.  This means I don’t need to do any test or take prep?
There is no reason to test for, or to take medication for, a disease you were never exposed to.
Thank you for this insightful reply. Should I be taking a test or prep? I think it does not warrant it.
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Sorry for the last message. I did not see your response. Thank you once again
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