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Anybody know the rate?

Hi all. I was just wondering if anyone may know roughly the rate of HIV infected trasexual sex workers in Canada?
Not looking for an exact amount or anything but maybe a 'high' or 'low' type answer (and if more specific available that would be great also.

I am looking at Ontario, specifically Ottawa.

Thank you
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Google yourself. I am unable to understand, what help you will get from this info. If you plan to visit a sex worker in the mentioned areas using this information, it would be meaningless. HIV transmission is not a game of numbers or "pick n chose". Or, if you have already been there, again it is meaningless, who knows that the one you interacted with, was HIV positive or not.

Rules of the game are very simple. If you feel, you are exposed to a risky situation, your blood test after 3 month mark is the only way to determine your conclusive status. Unfortunately, this is the only technique known to man today for an effective screening.  
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