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Anyone ever test positive after unprotected Oral?

I unfortunately performed and Received Un-protected Oral sex to a guy that i hardly knew. Thus don’t know his status. He didn’t ejaculate in my mouth, but i can only assume i had his pre-cum in my mouth. I am scheduled to take an HIV RNA test 11 days after exposure. Unfortunately, i have read before that it is possible, then I’ve read that it’s not? Anyone ever test positive after unprotected Oral?
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Oral sex is not an HIV risk, either way
As i read your answer, it is both comforting and confusing. Can you explain how you are so confident in your response?
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In the 40 year history of HIV, no one has ever been infected with HIV from either giving or receiving oral sex alone. The only sexual activity known to result in infection with HIV is unprotected anal or vaginal sex. This has been stated repeatedly by HIV experts who are current with all of their research and knowledge.
Ok. I will accept that response. I will also update and post my test results to confirm and also inspire others.
So i am now awaiting my test results.
It's inevitably going to be negative. You were never at risk.
I really want to believe your assessment, but all i see is “some risk”, “little risk”, “no risk”... its just so frustrating
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Our members have accurately and fully answered you that you had no risk. There is nothing to add to this.

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