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Appeal from South Africa

Good day, I am a man who is full of regret.I had sex with a ( black ) woman from Midrand and ended up very sick two and a half weeks after.I contracted genital warts..and believe i miss used a condom.I also have a cotton white fluff appearence on the surface of my tongue which drs have failed to heal.I tested at 3 months using Lancet laboratories 4th generation hiv 1 & 2 and tested negative.

After speaking to a nurse from a government clinic , i was advised to test every 6 months for a potential 10 years?
She claims that the window period could be anything from 3 weeks to 10 years_meaning it could take 10 years to develope antibodies????? I am completely overwhelmed by this_ does hiv modify itself in certain population groups? and my symptoms on wikipedia point to hiv infection in the earliest stages (white tongue).Please tell me the facts, i am prepared for the truth however ugly it is...and i fully blame myself for my actions.
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My opinion is, the nurse either lied or did not have sufficient/appropriate knowledge about HIV transmission. At 3 months after the intercourse, the test would be close to 100% correct.
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10 yrs?   what a crock of sh*t ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

your test PROVES that you dont have hiv.  further testing is not needed.

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