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Are my tests conclusive?

I was hoping someone could help give me clarity on my situation. About 12 weeks ago I had sex with someone who took the condom off during sex. Before we had sex he told me that he was negative and on PrEp. I take descovy for PrEp myself however I stoped taking it during the pandemic and have only started taking it again 3 or 4 days prior to having sex and have also taken it every single day since then.
I went to my doctor 23 days later and received an antibody test for HIV 1 & 2 as well as a qualitative and quantitative RNA PCR test. Everything came back negative including all other STDs.
I’ve still been worried because a week after having sex I developed a consistent dry cough and had a few of my lymph nodes get slightly enlarged however I’ve had no fever.
Because of this I took 2 Oraquick tests, one at 7 weeks (46 days) and another at 11 weeks (73) days. Both of those tests coming back negative as well.
I am only concerned because 1. I know the Oraquick tests are not as accurate as rapid blood or laboratory tests and 2. I’ve read that people on PrEp have an extended window period because the medication can delay antibody production.

Can someone please give me a little clarity so I know if I’m still at a risk for HIV or if I can finally rest and put this behind me?
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