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Are the tests conclusive with classic aids symptoms?

Im 20 years old male and my exposure was 8 years back. Im not sure if there was anal penetraion but i dont actually remember what happened. Iam very symptomatic for the last
three months so I got tested.
A rapid antibody test, a western blot and a pcr hiv 1 rna all of which were negative.
The western blot had a mild pink streak. I consulted hiv specialists who told me that its a protien streak, test strip thing, not hiv related.
The report of the western blot said "no bands detected for hiv 1 and 2". The reason why i took a pcr is because i have read that in late stage hiv, the antibodies disappear. However i was on meds like flucanozole and sompraz d 40 before my pcr.
Could have these meds affected my test and cause a false negative?
I had three hiv tests. 48 hrs before the rapid test, i was on
Meds for viral fever.
Before western blot i was on probiotics

Can these meds interfere with my tests and cause a false negative? I have every possible aids symptom
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You probably should stop 'reading' and researching. You had an exposure years ago and have tested years later and do not have HIV. You've been reassured this at least two times that I read above by health care workers.  So, you need to let it go.  Get some help with anxiety if you find you can't.
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No bro. This is the first time im posting here. I feel like im developing aids related dementia. No one is believing me. I would move on but these symptoms persist. No med is helping me
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This sounds like a psychiatric problem.  You have tested negative and don't have HIV dementia.  They do not believe you because it's not true or reality.  I would seek help in the area of your thinking rather than trying to diagnose yourself with "aids". I say this with compassion because you won't move past this until you focus on the true problem.  Therapy would give you a place to talk about it.  
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You are not going in to the story books, let's face it, you and I we both know deep down that you don't have HIV.

Undetected RNA and a negative western blot has every thing done and dealt.

You will perhaps fall sick many times during the course of your whole life, you can't possibly relate it to an event that happened 8 years ago. The irony is, your exposure as you describe also seems uncertain, it was most likely not even an actual one.

You have issues that need attention of a psychologist, please see one to overcome it. You don't have an HIV concern.

We wish you the best.
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What about the meds i took before the test? Wont they affect the test?  I have read about pcr inhibitors which would inhibit the pcr
Nothing apart from ARV drugs can delay sero-conversion which is the only way the virus might not be detected by a PCR and measurable antibody formation might not happen.

I repeat, please consider seeing a psychologist. You don't have HIV.
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