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Are these acute HIV symptoms or not?


Its been one month since i have had unprotected sex with a unkown woman, and since then, i've of course become really nervous about possibility of infection.   My symptoms are not really pronounced, and perhaps im freaking out too much.  
1) start of itchy arm pits, perhaps lymph nodes?  (but i couldnt find any info why lymph nodes would itch).  This started almost immediately, so im not 100% sure that it is related to HIV, but perhaps to another pre-exisiting skin rash on my inner elbow.  Serious itching week 2.
2) Mild sore throat, but with a feeling of it being deep in the throat, not up at the tonsils.  Sensation that it is hard to breath or swallow sometimes.  
3) Start of week 5, sore neck, but no evident enlarged lymph nodes.  Neck is however sore on sides and front around clavicle bones.  Neck is not sore under chin or on backside).  Is this cause from lymph nodes?
4) NO Fever, NO diarrhea or sickness.  
5) I did catch genital warts, which started developing week 2...could this be a cause for the symptoms? most internet forums emphatically say no

I am going to get tested at the 3 month mark, but i was wondering could these just be a mild case of Acute HIV symptoms, or am i overreacting about possible lymph node inflammation.  Never had any of these sensations before in armpits or neck.  

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not indicative of ars
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OK classic ARS symptoms are very high fever,very sore throat and rash on trunk--torso and limbs that doesn,t itch.They appear 2 to 4 weeks after infection and last anywhere between 4 days and 2 weeks.They don,t come and go.Hope this helps roger.
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