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Are these symptoms of HIV

hi ,

I am very sad please help
This is what I got in the first sexual relationship
High fever, I was hit a week after sex
Sweating during sleep for nearly two weeks
Rash looks like acne dark sometimes appears and disappears
Severe diarrhea coincided with fever and loss of appetite continued with me so far has nearly two months
Drop in weight is likely due to diarrhea
Pain in the throat, nearly two months
Pain and tingling in the armpits
Dry mouth and extreme thirst
Muscle pain

I got some tests were negative
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Your exposure??
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Crash condoms in sexual intercourse
There were few vaginal secretions on the penis you wash them immediately
And I had a deep kiss
I did two tests fourth generation after 21 days of exposure and another test after 47 were negative
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Highly unlikely that you were infected.. But test at 3 months for a conclusive result..
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I'm very scared but I have to wait a month and completed three months and make sure that I had not had infected
thanks for your interest , and your help  

Thank you very much ..

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What is the best tests to make sure no infection with HIV ?

HIV p24 combo test ag & ab or eliza test
To make sure after exposure to three months
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Is there anyone who can answer my question ?
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"Crash condoms in sexual intercourse"

What does that mean? Did your condom break? Did you have unprotected sex?
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Broken condom in sexual intercourse and vaginal discharge on my penis
I had oral sex and I did not know that was in my mouth sores
Sexual practice stopped after that
I had all the symptoms of HIV after about a week. That's what made ​​me scared

My English is not good enough I'm sorry ..
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You can obtain your conclusive test result 3 months post exposure. There are no test marketed or sold to give a conclusive test result earlier than 3 months.
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Yes after refraction condom the sexual become unprotected .. : (
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Do you mean there is no difference between any test  after three months ?

Thank you very much .
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There are no differences.
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Thank you for your interest Teak
I wish you a happy life ..
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Is it possible to turn HIV to AIDS without the appearance of antibodies in the blood ?

My tongue became ulcerated and white
Increase in the cases of ill health day after day
And pain in my body are increasing day by day

Just think of this disease makes me think of suicide
My fear of this disease makes me crazy :'(

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No it is not possible.
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Is it good to do the test again over 71 days from exposure ?

What about pcr
Really I can not wait more .. It's as if I was living in hell
What can I do ? my case of psychological and health Increases worse .
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wish you all the luck. and keep us updated
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