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Are this test results reliable?

I am 28years old and I had an unprotected vaginal sex with a girl on the 18th of February and she told me after the encounter that she’s HIV positive. Within 18hours after the exposure I started taking 3 regimen PEP( tenofovir,lamivudine and effavirez) which I took for 30 days. During this period I had malaria but I had to wait until after the PEP regimen to treat the malaria just to avoid drug interactions. Immediately after the PEP ( 4th week post exposure) I did HIV antibody test and it was Negative. Also on Day 40 post exposure I did another HIV test using determine test kit ( 4th generation) and it came back negative. But am still feeling the symptoms of malaria even after treating it and today I passed watery poo twice today and it stopped probably due to what I ate last night. Please what are the chances of me coming out fine from this episode and also how accurate is the test result at 40days post exposure?
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If you tested using a duo combo ab/ag HIV test 28 days after finishing your PEP, and it was negative, your result was accurate. HIV is never diagnosed through symptoms, and as you are having malaria as well, you better look for a treatment now.

All the best.
That's what I said. You have to test 28 days after finishing your PEP. But that in the case you use the test I talked about. If you go for a normal antibody test (finger-prick) it will be accurate 3 months after finishing your treatment.
@Noriko619 what are your concerns with the medication? @Dragonpulse thanks for your response. But in your experience what are the chances of PEP failure. And if you are to access my situation what would you say my chances of coming out fine are?
No one can guess how biology will play out, but PEP has a high chance of working so I would focus on that to relax if I were you and wait for 28. As DP said, early tests can't prove anything.
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After PEP completion, people are advised to be tested at 6 week, 3 month and in some countries 6 month-mark(after the completion date, bot exposure) . You're most likely negative, but test for conclusive results.
Hello ! According to Dr Hook and Dr Handsfield, recommended time for testing after PEP is 6 weeks and 3 months and they follow CDC guidelines. Also 28 days don't rule out all infections hence CDC recently shortened the window for 4th Gen tests down to 45days from 90 days.
Those are outdated guidelines, so for that reason there is no purpose trying to find consensus, which is why we rely on the opinion of expert doctors instead.
Source : https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/basics/testing.html
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