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Hi Again,
I got my MRI scan done after chronic armpit pain and it revelas that I have small discrete multiple lymph nodes in my left axilla[left armpit],but my exposure is safe according to medhelp, protected vaginal and unprotected oral.but the pain is unbearable.physically i could'nt find any lump in my armpit.but the doctor asked me to got for an MRI, which reveals multiple lymph node in my axilla.After the last exposure[march 16], i got tested negative by june 20 th,which is 96 days after.Again i got protected encounter with anohter lady of unknown status.pl access my risk.
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As you have been told...never had a risk. Work with your Dr this has nothing to do with HIV.
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Thanks vance..but in my life never had armpit pain..usually people have fever,diarrhea,sore throat..that and all common illness, which i might not had scared.but this is new to me.even after taking pills for the last 2 months, it did'nt goes away..will all the condoms in india are good enough to protect from hiv and other STI's, i wonder.feeling very nervous.
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Fear has nothing to do with risk. And armpit pain never has and never will have anything to do with HIV.
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