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Armpit lumps/ mild, itchy pain?

OK here it goes. I got boils, carbucles whatever they are called and went to the er they gave me bacterim and keflex and it went away. After 2 months I got a cut down in my vagina and bumps and went to the gyn, i has yeast and herpes type 1. Now  i havent had outbreaks im doing good I been on 500mg valtrex and i get a rash on hands as soon as I come off valtrex the rash is gone. Now i stopped taking valtrex and i get a mild pain in armpits after i shave a week ago and had a lump on my right arm almost sure it is lymph node from what im reading in the internet. The lump is 1cm not big at all but it hurts. This was last week thursday, i applied warm water and stopped shaving and took a valtrex and a keflex, the next day the bump went down and the right armpit is so much better. I shaved again and a day later my left armpit is hurting again,no bump, so i take a valtrex and a keflex and a bactrim and the pain lessed alot and now i amost feel nothing there.

have any of you experienced anything like this? Is it cancer or hiv? I was test for hiv and i was negative and i been with the same guy for 2 years and a half he tested 1 year ago, and 4 months ago negative as well. Umm SEXUAL HISTORY: all protected vaginal and some short unprotected oral. My first unprotected is my current bf.

Well dont lumps mean cancer? I have cancer all over my family.. I am worried. But the lump wouldnt go down in a day or two if it was bad? right?

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umm that was rude sir. This was my first post regarding hivor cancer and this is the answer i get?
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see your dr if you are having health concerns...its not hiv related.

(valtrex is not meant to be taken in the manner in which you are taking it...discuss this with your dr)
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Lizzie, I stopped taking valtrex. He told me not to take them regularly if i am not having an ob. However, I was new to the herpes so i started taking them everday but 500mg only. Its almost 3 months since my first ob, so I will "stop" taking the anti virals.
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