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Hi, I was just reading a question about have a lump under my armpit, not to long ago i tested positive 4 chlamydia, its been clear 4 about a month or so, but now i have a lump in my left armpit and i was just wondering since i got tested 4  chlamydia would it have come to light that i had HIV in the same test??????
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So are the Armpit lumps something to wry about, i honestly not sure exactly what to look 4 if i had HIV but i thnk im just reading alil to much about it and comparing to things that have happen!
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Why are you concerned about HIV? Did you have an exposure?
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not that i know of, i think im just reading alil damn much stuff on the internet
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Ok then. So, if you didn't have unprotected sex with random people or shared needles for drug use then your armpit swelling is caused by anything other then HIV infection.
But you got chlamydia somehow. Was it through unprotected sex?
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Sorry I misread your question. You got tested for Chlamydia but it isn't clear if you actually have it. However, the question remains as to why you went and got tested for it.
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i went and got tested and treated 4 it because i was having discharge, the test came back positive that i had it but i was treated ahead of time so there were no worries, and yes ive had unprotected sex, since being treated ive only been with one person, it has been unprotected but she got treated to just to be safe. I got the HIV idea from things that i saw on the web when i searched lumps under the armpit, thats why i asked if the docs would have detected HIV or anything else that i may have, they took urine and a culture frm the discharge!
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