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Ars Rash localized

ars rash

I have had several unprotected episodes with  4 escorts, vaginal.
I have had no symptoms other than small pimple like rash develop on the inside of my elbow and forearm, and tops of feet.

They have been there, come and go, for about 3 weeks, and they began sometime a few weeks after exposure.  The time frame for exposure to symptoms is consistent with possible hiv exposure and subsequent ars symptoms.

Any thoughts on ars rashes expressing itself with my description? Again, its only on inside of my elbows area, and lightly on forearms, but mostly on top of feet, small red type pimples.

I should note, I have recently been on azithromycin for an unrelated matter (1 pill/day for ten days).

The rash is not itchy, slightly raised, red, approx 1 to 2 mm in diameter.

The rash appears to be bilateral, and again, on tops of both feel, and inside elbows.

Hope someone has some advice.  Yes, I should be tested, but until then.
I live in north america, and caucasian male.
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Not a ARS rash.

Test 3 months after last exposure and start using CONDOMS.
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I don't me to suggest they come and go, as in completely so. There is always pimple like rash there, but some will leave and more will crop up.  Thing is, I've never had anything like this before, and have no reasonable explanation.
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Then see a Dr and get an explaniation but it is not a ARS rash.
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Thank you Vance
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I am becoming more concerned.  This rash has spread up my legs, now covering more of my lower torso, and spots are increasing in number.  I have been off the zithro now for over a week and expected any potential rash associated to that, to have dissipated.   In fact, it's getting worse.
I have no other symptoms other than this rash.  

Could someone please speak to more of the nature of an ars rash and what one might expect visually from it, and what other symptoms generally associate with it.

I'm not looking to diagnosis a condition from feedback on this matter, but I would like to hear more about characteristics of an ars rash.  

I can only wonder if this is otherwise a reaction to 2 weeks of azithromycin, but otherwise, one has to consider ars if a rash of this nature is indicative of such infection.

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Not sure if it's a sign of HIV, just test at 3 months since your last unprotected sex for clarity. Assessing from symptoms can be misleading.
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I've gone today for blood work, testing.  I will  have results in one week.

The doctor looked concerned and puzzled at the rash.  He wasnt sure what it was or why.

I wish there were good visual sources of primary hiv infection, such as the rash.

I'm surprised there isn't more pictures, regardless of the lack of confidence one can associate to symptoms.

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