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Ars and a severe sore throat

I am a 32 year old female.  I am so worried.  I had protected vaginal intercourse and then gave unprotected oral to a man.  8 days after the second incident with him I had a sore throat and swollen tonsils with no fever.  I did feel kinda run down.  I went to the urgent care clinic and the strep culture was negative.  My throat go a little better over the next 4 days then a week after I went to urgent care I woke up and my tonsils were very swollen and covered in white.  My glands were sore in my neck when I pushed on them.  The next day the tonsils still very swollen and covered in white and very sore.  Is this hiv related?  
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Protected sex is not a risk for HIV infection
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Hi walton just to let you know i had ab un protected vaginal with a girl and did 4 tomes the 4 gen test with all std At 4,8,10 and 11.6 weeks
All were negative but after 7 weeks i had a white coated thongueand its Still there after 15 weeks
One dr told me it was a yeast infection relatded to std
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