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Ars symptoms ?

Hi I had a medium low risk encounter 4 and a half weeks ago.... 3 days later I had a sore throat . This has now gone , but I know have red and sore hands that are sensitive to the hot and cold weather . No other symptoms to date . Please help
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What was your "medium low risk encounter?"

Also, symptoms would never show up after 3 days and would not be limited to a sore throat.  Sensitive/red hands are not a symptom of HIV.
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Symptoms are never used to diagnose HIV as they can be confusing and not always specific. If you could tell us the kind of sexual encounter you had we could give you more accurate info, but if you really think you had a sexual risk, you should test using a duo/combo ag/ab test that will be accurate 28 days after the exposure.
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It was unprotected vaginal sex with someone who is in the army . He didn’t ejaculate .
Yeah, a one-time event is pretty low risk, especially when it's not likely that he has HIV (most people don't).  If you want to test, you can get a 4th generation (Ag/Ab) test any time now, for your conclusive result.
Thanks so much for your reply . I have really beat myself up over this the last couple of weeks , and cannot believe that I have taken a chance with my health on this .
Just to be sure ... should I watch out for any symptoms in the next couple of weeks ? Or would I have already had them by now ?
Thanks again
Also to add that I tested negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea last week
No.  Ignore "symptoms."  There are no specific symptoms for HIV, and you have passed the ARS period, so any symptoms that would have appeared would be gone by now.  A test is the only way to determine a person's HIV status.
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