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At Risk? Read this...

Teak please don't shoot this post down it may help people.

Worried friends, I see a pattern here. We all came to this site to assess our risk. Please ask about your risk then think about your symptoms and be objective about what is happening to you. The mind is powerful, I have fallen to my anxiety. Look at all the other people that are scared here. Some are worse off than others. We can't all be infected with HIV. If we were this would mean that HIV has become more infectious.

My advice
1. Think about your exposure. And trust the experts here.
2. Calm down, and remember you are still alive.
3. Don't tell yourself that symptoms = HIV.
4. Stop connecting the dots back to your sexual exposure.
5. Test for peace of mind.
6. Turn your anxiety toward something constructive. Like helping others in your situation.
And the best thing you can do is be good to yourself. Eat lots of yummy food. Drink lots of water and even have some ice cream. Be constructive.

Also one thing that has helped me is I decided to accept the fact that I may indeed be HIV positive. Acceptance helped me to start dealing with what may come, and surprisingly my anxiety has dropped 65%. I still have 40 some days before I can have a conclusive result. Just relax. There is no need to panic over something you cannot control. Being calm will help you in the long run.

Freaking out and telling your friends and family will only make things worse.
Tell one person you know and trust with your life, but don't keep on about it. You doo need support, but don't abuse what you do get.
Come to this site and others like it for expert answers.
Until you have a conclusive result stop and think about what you are doing.

Well I am rambling now, I will probably get a warning for this. However, I hope this post sticks and I hope this helps. You can only help yourself until you know for sure your HIV status.

Too all of you be well, good luck and be safe. Prevention is the only way to beat this Virus.
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"Also one thing that has helped me is I decided to accept the fact that I may indeed be HIV positive"

YOU NEVER HAD A RISK ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

"And trust the experts here"

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A very well put together post.You are obviously a very considerate person to others who require support when they are extremely stressed and anxious about their hiv concerns.Well Done.
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