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AxSYM HIV Ag / Ab Comb?

Is this accurate device to do the test?

AxSYM HIV Ag / Ab Combo ?

What about this test after 12 weeks / 84 days ?  

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As you were advised in your other thread, you are HIV negative.
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Would you recommend re-test after 90 days or forgotten ?
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Move on.
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Thank you for your interest.
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I went to the lab to do HIV testing
The laboratory specialist has asked me to re-test after re-test the next day the result is negative
The test was after 88 days from exposure ..  I'm very scared
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Why would you be scared?? Seek professional mental help.
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The laboratory specialist doubted my own blood sample and asked me to re-test in the next day, that's what made ​​me scared..?
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"after re-test the next day the result is negative"

You are HIV negative.
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But he did not tell me if the previous test result is negative or positive I tried to ask him but he told me we should re-test to make sure because the results were a little high?
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There is no such thing as results being "a little high". Look, you've had multiple tests at the end of the window period that were negative, and that proves that you don't have HIV. When you overtest you can sometimes get a false positive result, maybe that's what happened. You really don't need to be testing any more at this point.
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I ask God to be your words correctly.
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I still have some of the symptoms are the same symptoms of HIV which is what made me scared after I got a false positive
I'm really scared.
Symptoms that I got it.

Pain in the throat.
Hacking cough.
Loss of appetite and diarrhea and feeling permanently nauseous
Skin rash on the back.
Itching and burning in the neck and pain and swollen lymph glands and tonsils.
Pain in the armpits and bites like needles very annoying.
Weight loss significantly and markedly.
Pain in muscles and joints.
Heartburn in the tongue and is always white, dry mouth and thirst always.
Pain in the liver and is very annoying burning with urination.
Sometimes cluttered novel .

Do I have to re-test or should I forget about hiv?
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I forgot to tell you one thing

I had night sweats a week after exposure and continued with me almost 3 weeks was not sweating during sleep on the entire body was on the head and neck and also I had  sweating during sleep today ?
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Mr. Teak I do not I publish or questioning the results of the tests negative, but I got a false positive yesterday and after the re-test result was negative and I had all the symptoms similar to HIV that makes me afraid.?
I'm really sorry about my many publications because this matter is almost losing my mind ?
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Not true at all symptoms don't come on that late.
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I swear on what to say I was hit by all these symptoms
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They have nothing to do with HIV.
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but I got a false positive yesterday and after the re-test result was negative and I had

You don't know this for sure, you're just repeating earlier advice in this thread.

It's more than time to move along...and get yourself some help for the anxiety.  There is never a need to test so much for HIV.
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I did cbc test ?
All the results were good, but wbc was down from the normal limit.?
It was 6.9 ?
with symptoms that were me I have to be afraid ?
Please tell me what should I do if the test results negative?
Sore throat is increasing day after day which is very annoying and clearly swollen tonsils and painful ?
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You don't have an HIV concern.
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How I did not have an HIV concern ?  I was hit all symptoms a week after a sexual and from that day and my health very bad? my wbc were 10.8.? Two months before the exposure and now after the health situation which I , wbc became 6.9.?
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It's more than time to move along...and get yourself some help for the anxiety.  There is never a need to test so much for HIV. .

Please kindly move along.  There is nothing else we can tell you.  You need professional help to accept that you don't have HIV.
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Oh, and a WBC count will never indicate HIV anyway.  Your results are insignificant.
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