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Ok, I'm a little frustrated with a lot of these one sentence replies of "No risk, move on" or "Testing isn't required, you're negative". ARE YOU GUYS DOCTORS??? RESEARCHERS??? LAB TECHS??? DO YOU WORK FOR THESE TESTING MFG'S??? NO!!!! YOU DON'T!!!! Listen, people should be advised to be tested UP TO 6 MONTHS!!! AT LEAST!!! I don't care if the CDC says 3 months, nor Dr. HHH saying 6 months, who the hell is going to take care of that one girl or guy who seroconverts at 3 months, 1 week???? WHO!!!??? I'd cover your a$$ a little bit before ranting and raving about this 3 month rule. Maybe if people realize within 6 months that safe sex IS IMPORTANT they won't be on this forum going crazy.

1) Oral sex carries no risk??? That's a load of BS. Ok, so the assumed risk statistic is 1/10000 with an HIV infected person....So let me get this straight, someone who has oral sex with an HIV infected partner has a 1/10000, ok no, say 1/100000000000000 chance of catching HIV...Who's to say THEY AREN'T THAT 1/1000000000 PERSON??? Honestly, ask yourself, does having ANY type of sexual intercourse with an HIV infected person make you any less worried about testing if the odds are in your favor? Think about it. An HIV infected partner gives you a BJ, are you going to sit back and say "Oh, i have 1/1000000000 chance of being infected, testing isn't necessary"???? The HELL YOU AREN'T, YOU'RE GOING TO GET YOUR A$$ AND GET TESTED, PERIOD!!! Enough with these 1 sentence replies of "You're negative, move on". Enough is enough. You need to start encouraging testing. You can't account for that 1/100000 person not being infected - period. IT CAN BE YOU, GET TESTED FOR THE SAKE OF YOURSELF AND FUTURE PARTNERS!!!!!!

2) Finding proof of this 3 month window period are positive in a sense that, if you test negative at 3 months then your 6 month should hopefully be negative - period. WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL!!?? TEST AT 6 MONTHS, IT TAKES 20 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME!!! IS YOUR LIFE NOT WORTH 20 MINUTES AT 6 MONTHS!!!??? Jeez, what part of 99% of people don't you understand?? 99% and 100% is a HUGE difference. Just imagine all of the people who come to this website for information. Just imagine how many read the forums and are not members. C'mon now guys, have a little common sense. If 100 people read this 3 month rule, we can expect to see 1 out the 100 test positive after 3 months. This one person then will infect another person, who will infect another person, who will infect another person....What part of that is so difficult to understand.

YOU NEED TESTING AT 3 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS, AND IF POSSIBLE 12 MONTHS TO BE AS DEFINITIVE AND CONCLUSIVE AS POSSIBLE. What's wrong with that? If people test negative at 3 months, what do they have to be worried about at 6 months, god forbid if the turn positive and it's confirmed, at least you know your status and have a better chance of living a healthier life and protecting those around you. I just don't understand, you guys need to take some time to actually reply to people. If you want to make a difference in the whole HIV community you need to advise safe sex, get tested regularly, and always ALWAYS test before you change partners. You guys just don't understand. If 1/4 HIV positive individuals don't know about their status and there are still thousands upon thousands of individuals who are positive yet DON'T KNOW WHEN THEY WERE INFECTED.

Think about it. BTW, there was a guy on thebody.com who tested POSITIVE at 5 months. He had oral sex unprotected. What he didn't know was that he had a small cut on his penis, small enough to be infected. Go ask Dr.Bob, look through his archives and find it, it's recent. I think Jan 4th? Anyhow with that said....

IF YOU'RE HAVING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT CONSTITUTES AS (ORAL, VAGINAL, HAND....WHATEVER) YOU NEED TESTING AT 3, 6, AND 12 MONTHS, PERIOD!! IT'S YOUR DECISION, AND IT'S YOUR DECISION TO BE PROPERLY INFORMED RATHER THAN THESE SIMPLE "YOU'RE NEGATIVE MOVE ON" STATEMENTS. GET TESTED, PLEASE!!!! Teak and the other guys who say all these "You're negative, move on" statements, I hope you're willing to bear the burden on your shoulders when someone comes to you and says "I'm positive...I thought you guys said I was negative, there was no risk, 3 months was suppose to be enough time"....Think about that, then try to sleep at night.
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look who cares what you are tried of start a band or something your just jealous that we told you so
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Wow, theres a lot of hostility, Where i live here in Arizona they go by 60 days as being conclusive, but overall the window period is 3 months. It even says it on the brochure that you get when you get tested with the oraquick test.  It says it on the CDC website, Dr. Bob says 3 months. PERIOD
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Jealous of what? You know what shadow, are you willing to become HIV positive at the sake of your replies? If someone seroconverts late, and finds out waaaay down the road that they're positive, are you willing to become positive just because you advised against an additional 20 minute test. I didn't think so.
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I think your missing the point, Your making it sound like no one wants to test at 6 months because they cant bare to go through 20 minutes of hell waiting for there results. The problem that people have at testing at 6 months is waiting for 6 months to come. Thats why people dont want to go for the whole 6 months thing when its written all over the place that the window period is 3 months
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PS, at the clinic, they told me 6 months is necessary. BTW, the research University I attend, yeah, the one with a $21 million dollar grant donated towards their latest HIV research/vaccine project, yeah that one, of whom AN ACTUAL HIV SPECIALIST noted that the 6 month rule is definitely more definitive and conclusive than the 3 month doesn't have a clue what he's talking about right? Let's all listen to shadow now because he's fighting to stop the spread of HIV, BRAVO shadow, BRAVO, let's assume everyone has an identical immune system.
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Well if the 3 months is definitive and conclusive, what's wrong with testing at 6 months. If you can't test at 6 months, then I think you have doubts regarding the test. I mean, it's suppose to be negative, right? Hearing the words "you're negative" at 3 months is nothing but a verbal utterance. The testing advisor isn't going to have to live with HIV if you turn positive later on, is he/she?
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