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Best HIV statistics I've found for all of the WW's

After reading all of the symptoms, concerns, risks, HHH reviews, what's risky and what's not, I did a lot of research.  I found one site with actual facts - and lots of them.  Considering that the USA has over 300 million population, if you are not engaging in anal sex or IV use, the odds of HIV infection are very low.  The risk of a white american is even lower - regardless of gender.  The reasons and stats are all located at http://www.avert.org .  Before you put yourself in a tailspin, read the facts.  Not symptoms, nothing about ARS, just facts.  

Basicly, 89% of men infected are through Male to male and/or IV drug use.  Of the other 11%, many are on the "down low" or have other forms of contact like transfusions, etc.

For example, In Dallas, TX, the # of new cases is 15.7 per 100,000 or basicly 942 new cases for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  If we know that 89% of male infections are Male to Male or IV, then that leaves 11% for other or 103 cases in 2005 of hetro, transfusion, encarceration or not being open about actually being gay because of the social stigma. Additionally, white males are effected less frequently.

Fact is, there is a lot more worry than needed.  It appears that the "I was stupid" stories are all quite similar, the symptoms are all identical, the doctors response is usually the same and the results seem to always be "Negative".

I really hope that the facts help many cope with the anguish that they are feeling.  And most of all, get tested - regardless.  The mind can play evil tricks on the body and it's quite easy to get an HIV test today.
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I wonder why HIV/AIDS is affecting the black community in that manner. Being that I am bi-racial and sleep with black men. IT really scares me...really. :(
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Good stats/post.  Pretty consistent with most other geographic and gender stats I have ever seen for NORTH AMERICA.  

But, I am sure the lone ranger will be here soon enough to try to dispute them though....hi ho silver.
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In Malaysia, 70+% is drug/IV and 30% others. No one knows for sure how many of the Others group are actually/genuinely heterosex. I kind of believe that Heterosex wouldn't transmit.
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