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Bleeding gum, bleeding lip, mistakenly drinking water from unknown's bottle

I did dental filling in the morning and had bleeding and sore gum at that point. I also had cracking bleeding lip due to dry whether. In the afternoon, I may mistakenly drink some water from other people’s aquafina water bottle. what if the people has also bleeding lips and leave some blood on the open of the water bottle, will the thread of cap become an isolated environment? Am I at risk to get contract with HIV virus? So worried.
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This is not a risk. HIV does not infect once outside the body. Because you had no risk, obviously there is no reason to test.
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Just worried what if the blood trapped in the thread of bottle cap, will it like some isolated environment?
That's not what an isolated environment means. You've completely misunderstood what that means. To repeat again, HIV cannot infect outside the body. The body is a living host. It cannot survive on surfaces. You have zero risk for HIV infection from what you've described.

You can very easily catch a cold or flu or any other number of viruses or bacterias from sharing a water bottle, NONE of which are HIV.
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Chima7 is giving you good advice.  You can not get HIV from drinking from a bottle. The grooves will not trap the HIV virus. Transmission is only going to take place inside the body/host.  The only ways you get HIV are from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  But Chima7 also makes a good point.  Viruses such as flu and cold can transmit that way.  Best to avoid sharing water bottles for that reason and that reason alone.  
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