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Hi I work in Pharmacy. I was doing blood glucose check on one of the patient and accidentally stuck the lancet to my right index finger after i just used on her to get blood. I had a gloves on. I used 33 gauze lancet. I did come in direct contact with her blood(whatever blood left on that lancet). What is my chance to get HIV or Hepatitis C. I asked her about her medical history but she said that she did not have any disease.She is 22 years old black female.Please help.
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If the lancet wasnt hollow, ie didnt have a cavity for the blood to get into, then this is a no risk exposure as HIV becomes inactive almost as soon as it comes into contact with the outside environment.

If it was hollow then you require a HIV test. Hope that helps.
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Not injecting reduces the risk of transmission, it doesnt completly avoid it. Thats why medical profesionals take such care when handling 'sharps' around HIV patients. There are all kinds of other factors (such as point of penetration by the needle) that affect the risk of transmission but it is still a risk, injection or not.
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The discussions in that thread are based around the length of time the virus was exposed to the air. In this case it was just after use. The risk (if hollow point) was minimal, but a very slight risk nonetheless.
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1) I think if it was not a hollow point needle he had no risk. If it was hollow ppoint the consensus of medical opinion is that there was some risk, but that it is very very low in the kind of situation he describes.. My own health authority, in the circumstances described would recomend a HIV test (if hollow point) but i am 100% confident it will be negative. It is up to King6950 to balance the risk and decide whether he needs a test.

2) You were not at risk, in my opinion, because of the length of time that passed before exposure.
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It was less than 10 seconds before I was stuck by lancets. Is that enough time for hiv virus to be inactive? Please help
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At no time were you ever at risk of contracting HIV.
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