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Blood donation guidlines

Hello. With the recent, horrible events in the news from Orlando the last few days, I heard something I'd never known before...why are gay men still not "allowed" to donate blood if they've had sex with another man 12 months out ? Testing is conclusive at 3 months, so why the 12 month delay ? Sorry if this has been asked before, it's new news to me...Thanks everyone.
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You'll have to call and ask them. I don't think anyone here can answer as to the motivation of why they selected a certain time frame.
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I give blood on a regular basis and I've apparently missed this question on the form. It seems incredibly wrong to me since I could be infected as easily as any gay person!

I especially don't understand this because EVERYONE'S blood is checked for a number of infectious diseases, including, of course, HIV.

I'm giving blood in 2 weeks and you can bet I'll be asking them this question!
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Good day Ruby.
My name is Henry My question is i had a sexual encounter with a lady i don't particularly trust we had protected sex all through but at a time she then proceeded to put my dick inside her raw for like a minute or less and she was heavily lubricated. i have never had unprotected sex before or even an std but ever since that encounter i got scared and afterwards i observed some symptoms like when i drink water i had a bitter after taste in my mouth my lips overly sensitive i also observed a swollen lymph node below my ear and i had loss of appetite i was also feeling highly irritable like severe goosebumps all over my body to the point of not being able to move and also having reddened itchy eyes. i took some antibiotics with some intravenous shots it helped to off set the symptoms and this actually started on the 1st of april after the encounter on the 30th of march. Now i don't know if its Acute hiv symptoms or severe anxiety because i don't know what would have made the nodes below my ear become pronounced. I also forgot to mention that i did kiss the girl a lot could there have been any form of bacterial transmission with that. doctor i need your advise on what my risk as a man might be contacting hiv due to that very brief unprotected sexual encounter that lasted less than a minute or less. Thank you.
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