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Blood inside condom - Not from me.

Last night I had sex with a sex worker.

Put on a condom, had vaginal sex. After maybe 20 minutes, I began to pull out slowly, where I put my fingers on my shaft to ensure the condom remains on when I pull out.

However, I didn't feel the condom, so I moved my fingers upwards along the shaft and felt the condom had moved up just before the head of my penis. In other words, the condom almost slipped off, but it stopped just before my penis head. I held it there, pulled out, and saw blood was inside the condom.

The sex worker insisted she wasn't on her period, but she did notice vaginal pain, so I'm fairly certain this was from her.

I go to the bathroom, turn on the light, and confirm the blood was indeed inside the condom. So somehow blood got inside. And no, the condom wasn't ripped, there was no hole in it. I checked for that.

I don't know if she has HIV, she insists she got tested 6 weeks ago and said the test was negative.

Am I at risk here?
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As long as your shaft is covered by the condom during sex there is no risk for HIV.
I suppose the blood (if it was blood) you found inside the condom could only have been hers (and if it were hers) if the condom was not actually covering your shaft or if you lost your erection and the condom was no longer effectively protecting you. This seems unlikely.
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Well if it wasn't blood what else could be an explanation for pinkish liquid inside a condom? I did notice it was a fairly bright color for it to be blood, come to think of it. It was more pink than red.
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BEFORE the condom was on, did she use any kind of lube to stimulate you to erection? If so, it may be possible the lube was a colored/flavored variety which could explain the pink color inside the condom.

As long as the condom was covering the head of your penis (the urethral opening) there was no risk for HIV.

Also, when a condom fails, it fails catastrophically. There is virtually nothing left of it except the ring around the base of your penis. Checking for holes or tears is unnecessary...........you'll KNOW.
You think it could have been lipstick? She gave me oral sex prior.
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I think you just figured out the "problem!" That makes perfect sense and I'm sure that's all it was..........lipstick!
Yeah I think it was too. Thanks a lot for your input. You seriously saved me from about 5 weeks of heartache just from your insights alone.
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