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Blood on cotton wool stick after 30-40 seconds (under 1 minute). Please

Hi doctors and admins.

I have just had blood test to check my health condition after ending COVID-19 period.

The nurse used the cotton wool stick with visible blood of another person on it ( I swear I saw the visible blood and I'm sure the blood from another person) and the cotton wool may be with alcohol to clean the injecting point before she injected. After injecting and drawing my blood, she used another clean cotton wool stick to stop the bleeding and then used band-aid to cover my injecting point. It was about 30-40 seconds (under 1 minute) between my test and the previous old woman's test

Am I at risk of HIV or hepatitis B or C when the nurse used the cotton wool stick with the blood (assumed the blood from H+ person) to clean my skin before injecting me. Do I need test or use PEP (it's still in 72 hours to use PEP) Thank you very much
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

HIV isn't transferred via objects, like a cotton ball, no matter what.
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Thanks for your quick response. But in my case, it's somewhat different from casual ones. The nurse used the blood cotton wool stick cleaned the skin before injecting (not used the blood cotton wool to stop the bleeding). This made me worried because now the blood on my skin and then she injected me and the blood on my skin may flow into the hole on the skin.
No, your case is not at all different.  You were not injected with a shared intravenous needle, and you did not have unprotected vaginal or anal sex.  Those are the only two ways to contract HIV.

There is NO information or "what if" that would turn your event into a risk for HIV.
Thank you sir. I'm not imagining "what if". I swear that I saw visible blood on the cotton wool and I'm sure the blood from the another person. And the nurse use that cotton wool to clean my skin before injecting. It's a fact, not " what if". This is first time I face this situation so I'm really worried sirs
It doesn't matter how worried you are.  Being worried does not increase your risk for HIV.  As I stated, you cannot get HIV from any object, including a cotton ball with blood on it.  I gave you the only two risks for HIV, and you did not have either of those risks.
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