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Blood on the toilet seat splashed in the eye

I went to the public toilet at the hospital, when I entered I saw a large pool of blood on the toilet lid, but I was scared so I went out to find another toilet, after 20 minutes I couldn't find it so I went back in.  that room, I used the faucet to wash them clean, the water was strong so blood splashed into my eyes, is there any risk?

In short, blood on someone's toilet splashed in my eyes, scratches on my hands
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it's a big puddle of blood, I'm afraid when the water hose is strong it splashes on the eyes or the wound on the hand, isn't it dangerous
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See a therapist. No one here can help you with your hiv fixation which is a bit of a mental health problem. Besides, the previous time you posted you got mixed up between your wife and girlfriend so maybe you are mixed up again.
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It is time to see a therapist,  because you think hiv is everywhere in your life, but it is actually nowhere.
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