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Blood test on cholesterol testing machine hiv risk really scared

hi doctor,
I'm really scared about an incident. 3 weeks I've been to a shopping mall in the place I live in India. There was a health check up stand/outlet. They're doing basic BMI, haemoglobin, blood glucose, blood cholesterol etc tests.  They're using handheld machines which give instant results. I've (being very stupid, now I feel so) thought of checking my cholesterol. The lady at the counter pierced my finger with a prick ( used a new needle) and collected my blood into a small tube (a few ml) and poured it into the test machine. She has inserted a new test strip before taking blood. However the amount of blood she collected wasn't sufficient for the test to run so instead of taking few more drops into the tube, she simply held my finger and placed it on the test strip and squeezed it to complete the test. I was really confused as this happened and immediately checked about the test machine if someone else did the same.  She said I'm the first person to get this test for that day. My concern is
1) will someone else's blood on the machine from previous day have Hiv still alive when I put my finger
2) as she held my finger to squeeze blood out, can she have hiv on her hands from previous customers (there was around 5 mins gap before earlier customer and she touching my finger).

I'm really scared now as I had mouth sores 4 days after this incident, at 2 weeks 4 loose motions in two days, at 3 weeks pain near left side area near groin ( I doubt lymph nodes can't find any swelling on left side area)

Please help /advice. I've a small baby and am really scared.
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1. no, it was never alive.
2. no, hiv doesnot live outside the host.
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thanks but my symptoms are only happening after that incident. Moreover I've read reports where they say hiv can live in blood outside body for quite sometime depending on the quantity of blood. Could the blood on the machine from previous customer or on the hands of the technician survive enough time until contact with me. Please can you tell if there is even 0.00001% of chance for this to happen. I'm really scared with a these symptoms.
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There's no risk at all. Your mind is creating symptoms
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This site is telling me that you can get infected from getting blood drawn. Get real.  That is in no way a real world risk.  If you can't accept the fact you didn't have a risk, you can take a test.
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Hi with continued symptoms and loads of stress I got tested with Roche combi pt (4th gen I think) at 5 weeks and again at 7 weeks (48 days) from the incident and Both came negative. Here in India that lab people are not sure if that is a conclusive result and instead suggested to go for HIV PCR RNA to be 100% sure. Would you suggest for it or a 12 week duo test. Please help.
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You had no risk
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Just to add I also took CBC in which my lymphocytes count is 45.4 where the normal range is 35 - 45 %. Am I on high end of the range due to some infection. I still have the lymph node on left side of my neck.  So to rule out HIV can you please tell if those HIV tests have any weight or further testing is needed
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You can rule out HIV because you never had a risk. There's no other way to describe it.
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