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Body Fluids Inquiry

I had a protected sex with a condom with a lady. At the end of the sexual intercourse, the condom had already left her vagina for around 3 minutes, then she ripped off my condom by fetching the condom, then she gave me a hand job for around 4 minutes.

I understand from the previous questions that hand job along and protected vagina sex are safe, my question is that there was her body fluids on that condom, she ripped it off by grabbing and gave me hand job without washing hands, those body fluids would touch my penis, is that a risk exposure? After two minutes the condom left her vagina, is the body fluids on the outer surface of the condom still active or infecting? Shall I be worried or tested?

Thank you so much.
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You need to re read your previous answers.  I'm sure that they included the actual ways that people get HIV.  These include having unprotected vaginal or anal sex (you used a condom so you're good there) and sharing IV drug needles to inject drugs (which you didn't do).  Something to note about these risks is that they take place INSIDE the body.  The reason why a hand job is not a risk is because all is exposed to air. Air inactivates the virus. Hand jobs are NO RISK.  No one has ever gotten HIV from a hand job.  You won't be the first.  Does not matter what is on the surface of the condom or what was on her hands or if she put body fluid all over your penis . . . will NOT transmit the virus that way as air inactivates it.  ZERO RISK.  No need to test.
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Thank you so much also have one more question is that I had a minor cut in my hand (no bleeding when pressure it just exposure of flesh with a size of a needle) , that wound was a little bit pain when I touched the condom during sex, if it touched fluids would be a risk or not?
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This is your third thread yet you have been advised of the only 3 in the first one. Reread the original advice. You need to understand it, then you will not have any more questions. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Several-sex-histories-now-anxious/show/3059089
I'm sure you know the meaning of only, so there is no need to keep wondering if any of the million other things that you do in your life is a risk.
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