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Breast discharge/milk + tooth decay

Hi, I'm a 31-year-old male from Malaysia. Earlier this month, I went for a massage and my masseur is a 27 year old female from Vietnam. When I was sucking on her nipples, I tasted something salty and I believe this to be breast discharge/milk. Now, I know that drinking a little bit of breast milk from a HIV+ woman (that's assuming she is, I don't even know her status) is only a risk for babies who solely rely on their mother's milk for a source of nourishment, however, my concern is that I have tooth decay (third molar, lower jaw) which hurt quiet a bit. In addition, my my gums would bleed when I brush my teeth a bit too hard (though it wasn't bleeding while I was sucking on the lady's breasts.) Would this increase the risk? Thanks in advance :)
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negligible risk.
1) you are not bleeding.
2) saliva deactivates hiv virus. in baby, they are infected due to high amount of intake of breast milk.
3) you sure the women is hiv positive? if she is, she might be taking medicine, lowering your risk to essentially zero.
4) you sure you tasted breast milk? might be sweat
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Well, for the woman being positive it's just an assumption that she is. She might not be for all we know. As for sweat, I did thought that too but as I was sucking on her nipple, I strongly believe the salty discharge came from her nipples. I know there negligable to no risk but my concern is the discharge coming in contact with my decayed tooth (my tooth decay doesn't hurt too much, just a little bit).
my stand is no risk. hiv dont survive well in the buccal cavity and definitely not on the tooth decay site. Without a host cell, it is impossible for the virus to survive.the site of tooth decay have no route for the virus to enter. it is like you are trying to walk through a wall. impossible.
Ah, I see. Well, thank you so much :)
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