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Brief Insertive Oral Sex Fear


About 2 years ago I had a brief regrettable encounter with an expensive CSW escort (who always insists on condoms for penetrative sex). The only exposure was an approx 1-2 mins receiving unprotected oral sex to ejaculation. I don't really think I ever had any specific symptoms at all. Was I at any risk? I do read on this forum accounts that there is basically no risk from this - but then I read the NHS site (I'm in the UK) which has a contrary view. I just seem to be suffering from a degree of anxiety about the whole thing. Ay thoughts for me? Was there a risk?
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Yes, and those odds are also only theoretical.  There's no point in wasting any minutes of your life worrying about an event that carries astronomical, theoretical odds of a negative outcome.
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Thank you. Very kind of you to comment and help put my mind at ease! Have a great day
Sorry - and I hope this will be my last comment/question on this. I did not mention that I am married, and I have always continued to have sex with my wife since the described incident. I presume there is no risk here - as I take your advice quite literally that the only risk is vaginal/anal sex and sharing needles. Im wondering how much anxiety is that I have HIV, or that I am just guilty about the whole thing. I know taking a test (which I know to be pointless) would cause far too much anxiety, so I need to convince myself logically everything is OK...
Your "question" is not understandable, but in any event it is purposeless.
This is understandable> "There's no point in wasting any minutes of your life worrying about an event that carries astronomical, theoretical odds "
However, if you can't stop wasting your life thinking about this non-event, either
1. take a test or
2. see a therapist.
Thank you. I am working on controlling the anxiety - as logically I understand both of your positions that there was zero risk and no exposure. I think I now understand that government / health service advice is clearly going to err on the side of caution.

If I may - what do we really mean by 'theoretical odds' ?

Many thanks for your thoughts..
No cases in 40 years of hiv history but some sites say there is a theoretical chance - not going to be any in the next 40 years of your life either but for all I know, they might continue to list theoretical chance then too.
Thank you both. You are really appreciated.
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Zero risk.  Regardless of what theoretical risks are listed on the NHS site (and the CDC site in the US), no one has EVER been infected from receiving oral sex, in the 40-year history of HIV.  You will not be the first.
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Thanks @CurfewX - its obviously reassuring advice to hear this - and even though I have read yours (and other experts) advice on very similar stories on this site, it means a little more in response to my own case.

I really don't want to be going down the road of taking tests when I don't need to, as the anxiety this alone would case right now would probably be destructive.

Logically I did some sums in my head - I think using figures from Dr Handfield/Dr Hook, worst case chances of infection from a HIV+ partner would be 1/20000 (or zero) and the chance the CSW had HIV is maybe 1/1000 gives odds of exposure to something like 1/20000000, and that's assuming the CSW was not on meds for HIV. Forgive me if that logic is flawed! It's funny how logic falls away when you are stressed.

But if, as you say,  nobody has ever been infected this was in 40 years - and I will happily accept this advice, even the above numbers look deeply pessimistic!

Thank you very much!

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