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Brief Unprotected Vaginal Exposure and ARS

Dear Sir,
I am 38 years old male from India. I am non smoker and non drinker. On April 9th I had 15-20 seconds of unprotected sex with a married lady in her late 40s. She was introduced to my by my one friend. The lady claimed that she is not a prostitute and she have not had sex with any one. She said that she needs money so she chose to find one permanent partner for relationship and to get hep with money. She was looking healthy physically.

After 3-4 days I started feeling like dry and scratchy throat, It was not painful but I was feeling like dry and scratchy as mucus or phelgum come in to throat and irritate so I needed to clean the throat with force cough (sorry I don't guess a proper word here for this, hope you can understand). I remained like this for some days, some times seemed well but some times seemed dry and scratchy. One pharmacist advised me this is due to an allergy because of changing season in India and due to dry and harvesting of wheat all around. I never developed any type to pain in the throat. But in the early morning of 21st of April (day 12 after exposure), Fever developed and I went to doctor at around 11AM. When He checked it was around 101F and my lower legs were also aching. He also checked my throat and respiratory etc. He also told me that I am having a kind of allergy too, and He gave me Amoxicillin for twice a day for 3 days and paracetamol with aceclofenac for fever. The fever gone with the first dose and in the afternoon I was feeling well. In the night I was feeling feverish but when I checked on thermometer the temperature was normal. I took rest whole next day but fever never came back and by body temperature remained 97.8F - 98.1F. But only mild scratchy throat. The fever remained only for one day.  Then after I was feeling perfectly well physically but very much sick mentally due to anxiety and depression, thinking about HIV and ARS.
As I never developed any rashes, no swollen lymph nodes, no cough and nothing.
I also want to mention that I have a problem for GRED and acidity very often and then that sour acid come in contact with my throat it make my throat burn and I start feeling scratchy throat and mucus in my throat.
Please advice me Sir,
Can these be the symptoms of ARS?
Can ARS fever last for only one day?
I have not had done any test for hiv yet.
I shall be really grateful.
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Unprotected sex with anyone with unknown health status is always a risk. Though in your case, such risk does not seem to be significant, but yet it is not Zero.

Symptoms are most of the time confusing and misleading, so never try to diagnose your infection from these symptoms, as these could also be due to some other common infection.

The only way to determine our health status and exclude the possibility of infection conclusively, is the test. Since your exposure is older than 28 days now, we suggest you to get yourself tested for HIV Duo (Antibody+Antigen) test, collect your conclusive report and move on with your life.

Next time, never ever unprotected contact with anyone outside your mutually committed monogamous long term relationship.
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Your throat issues probably come from your GERD. I have the same thing and I'd almost always have throat issues after acid reflux. You did have a risk although very minimal (Dr Hansfield puts it at 1 in 2000 chance of contracting HIV even when your parter has HIV). A duo test at 4 weeks would be enough for a conclusive result.
Thank you very much for the advice. But main concern is about fever lasted for one day only.  Can fever last only for one day in ars? As I read most of the time that the symptoms last more more than few days to one week.
No it can't. One day would be too short.
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