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Brief insertive anal (dipping)

Hi everyone,

Last Saturday (16/03/2019) I had sex with a guy known each other for several months and that I did foolish that it is always destroying my mind up until now. He repeatedly said and insisted that he was never let anyone put inside before as well as I am the first guy sex of his life. Anyway, I supposedly he is HIV+ first on worse case scenario.

Actually, my only riskiest is that I put (and was put) "mine" inside his anus totally about 3 times with not over 5 seconds each (so 15-20 secs in total) so it may be considered "dipping" in this act. Only one single dipping had few thrusts and surely lasted within 4-5 seconds and I pulled it out, then ejaculated outside.

With this risk, I am not that sure if it is considered much risky act or not.

Anyhow, my last test (4th generation) results Negative on 2/03/2019 (14 days before this incident).
And I plan myself to get tested again 15 days post exposure for the sake of peace of my mind.

Thanks everyone for your help.
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Did you use a condom?
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I regrettably say that I did not use at the time of "dipping".
Other than this, used condom along the way until finished myself outside.
Any penetration is a risk, so take a duo after 28 days for a conclusive result. Or if he tests in 4 weeks and shows the result then you don't have to.
Whatever this means " I supposedly he is HIV+ first on worse case scenario." is just your guess. He said he has never done this before, so you might as well guess that he is telling the truth instead. Try to relax until you can test, but if you can get him to test now then that will leave only the last 4 weeks prior to your encounter in the questionable window period.
Oral is zero risk, btw so if that is all he did before you, then he would be negative.
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