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Brief unprotected anal sex - risk?


I'm a gay male, 26, and I've experienced a brief unprotected sex practice last weekend.
I went to this guy's house I know from Instagram and he had full sex, using condom for a 30min penetration at the end.

But before that, he was rubbing his penis on my anus and I did let he put it inside without the condom, probably for a length a bit longer than just the head, for 5-10 seconds, and this happened 2 or 3 times overall before we stopped to put the condom and go on with the full penetration.

After that I texted him and he said that his last test was 9 months ago, and that his last penetrations were with protection and he believes I should not be worried. He hasn't taken a new test since then, even though I suggested him to do it.

Should I be worried about this brief exposure? We were pretty much lubed, and I think I didn't hurt myself during the brief penetration.

I'm aware that I shouldn't repeat this behaviour again, I used to take prep but I stopped due to the pandemic. But still, I'm getting pretty anxious about the situation and also I didn't search for PEP when it was still on the time frame to do it.

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Unprotected anal intercourse is risk for HIV transmission. Lower the timeframe - lower the risk. You could choose to believe that your partner wasn't lying. However, from my experience, most people that come here to narrate their experience have some amount of anxiety driven concerns, such concerns can be only eliminated through testing. As suggested by my fellow volunteers, you must take a test at the 28th day from the date of your exposure to rule out infection from this event. The probability of a negative result is high.
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Well, here's the thing.  I'd choose to believe this person so you aren't worried (and you really shouldn't be, I'd give you my right arm if you had HIV from this) but I would go ahead and get tested. This is in your best interest.  Having unprotected anal sex is less than 1 percent transmission.  He says he is negative and probably really is.  But you should make sure knowing that the test is likely to be negative.  Take a 4th gen duo at 28 days
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If he is negative there is no risk. Not sure what else to say since he claims to have tested neg and used condom since so (if he's truthful) depending on which test he took then all you have to be concerned about is if he did any unprotected during his test window period. I would test for a conclusive result with a duo after 4 weeks or any other after 3 months if he had unprotected anal during his window period.
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