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Brief unprotected in Central Africa

Stupidly a couple of weeks ago a met a girl at a bar and took her home after a couple too many drinks. She could be described as 'semi-professional' as is common in these places.

She did not have a condom with her and as such we engaged in mutual oral sex, on a couple of occasions my penis briefly entered her vagina, I would say this happen 3-4 times and was no more than a couple of strokes each time. At this stage in the night we discussed pregnancy and HIV and she said she was negative, we then attempted anal sex but I was unable to enter her fully (I do not think the head of my penis went inside).

The next day i went to a local clinic and was given azithromycin and cefixime for STD prophylaxis and was told I do not need PEP for this incident. The prevalence in the country is around 0.5-0.7% but would be higher in a CSW (even a semi pro) now I am kicking myself (after reading loads and loads of posts) that I did not take PEP.

What are the chances of getting HIV here? Should I test at 4 weeks or 6?

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Probably good to test just for peace of mind, but the chances from a single penetrative event like the one you described is less than 0.1%, and that is, of course, with a person who is HIV+.  Factor in the odds that she was HIV+, and your chances of contracting HIV are extremely low.
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Thank you, you have relaxed some of my fear! I will test in a couple of weeks and in the meantime I will stop worrying. Thank you!
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