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Broken Condom. Confusing Results.

I experienced condom breakage. A day after the condom broke (6/6/21), I tested negative on oraquick. Started PEP on the 60th hour (it was somewhat hard to find in my location) took it for 15days.

17days after exposure I went to a local clinic and took an HIV test using a Unigold test kit, the guy at the clinic pricked my finger and smeared the blood onto the sample space, added the buffer fluid but it didn't flow, we waited a little long while but nothing, he added another drop and it did flow, the control line emerged waited a while the guy and nurse their cleared it as negative, I went on off with the kit that I later noticed developing a faint test line that eventually became quite visible. I panicked, got two negative oraquick test results the following day. Fast forward 37days post exposure, I got 4 negative test results on two alere determine HIV 1/2 and two oraquick kits within their read time. I made sure to specifically follow manufacturer instructions and check kit validity e.g. expiry dates.

NB: I tested positive for Covid19 2days after the unigold test. This female presented to me her medical report that stated negative for HIV on 8/6/21 and 7/7/21 but tested positive for syphilis on 8/6/21 (which she claimed she had treated and it did not show up in her subsequent test) I also witnessed her first hand yeild two negative oraquick tests 3wks after exposure, she however was on PrEP.
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There are a lot of irrelevant, confusing details in this story.  The only important question is - how many days after your last dose of PEP did you take your most recent test?
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You should have waited for 28 for a duo test to be conclusive, however it is so close that it is doubtful your result will change if you test again. It is up to you.
I've actually been lookimg for a dual test. But most facilities around me are flooded with 3rd Gen Tests. I'll just look for it when when I get out to town

1. You think the reactive result @ 17days is irrelevant?

2. I can be confident with these results on 3rd Gen @ 5wks?
I see what you say clearer now.

The time between my final PEP dose and my last 3rd Gen test was 24days, which was 5wks post exposure.
Yes, your positive test appears to be a false positive in light of all of the subsequent negative tests.  False positives are somewhat common, which is why we advise against excessive testing.

3rd generation tests aren't officially conclusive until 90 days post-exposure, or post-PEP.  They are likely conclusive much earlier, but that's the recommendation for now.  4th generation tests should be taken at least 28 days after your last dose of PEP.  Having said that, your multiple negative tests are unlikely to change.  
I'll be taking 1 more test @ 60days at a decent clinic, maybe just a full STD check up. And then one final test 90days post exposure, maybe I'll hopefully move past all this self induced anxiety.
On a side note, are Antibody test kit capable of reacting 17days after exposure
Yes. It's not about the test.  The test is accurate.  The time that it takes a person's body to produce detectable antibodies can vary significantly.

There's nothing else we can tell you.  Test at the appropriate time and put this behind you.  If you suffer from anxiety in the interim, seek out the help of a professional counselor.
There is no purpose in selecting 60. Guidelines are just 4 weeks for duo or 12 for any antibody. Eventually a duo becomes an antibody test due to fading antigens, so that is why 4 weeks is as good as 60 days.
I'll trying getting the duo ASAP then.

@CurfewX, where I'm from, there's no such thing as counsellors, it's a "deal or be dealt with it type of upbringing"
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