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Broken Condom with HIV +

I had a broken condom incident a bit over six weeks ago, the guy was positive and I found out five days after the incident, so too late to start taking Prep, therefore my concern. I have had a myriad of symptoms starting four to five days after the incident, rashes, itchiness, abdominal pain, headache, swollen lymph , sneezing , runny nose, metallic taste and a few others . I have tested negative for HIV at three weeks (rapid test), 4 weeks ( P24 antigen), 5.5 weeks ( HIV 1/2 3rd generation elisa), but unfortunately it came back positive for Chlamydia, which was non reactive a few ago, so I believe I was infected during that awful incident. My question is; how accurate would be a negative P24 at 4 weeks (time when that HIV protein is at its peak) and an antibody test at virtually six weeks? I am planning on testing at 9 weeks and later on at 13 weeks for a conclusive test? Something is telling me that I have no dodged the bullet this time around :(
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bro. testing again at week 6
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Hello, about your symptoms, ARS is the first stage of an HIV infection, is the body’s reaction to the infection. Some HIV positive people, but not all of them, reported that around 20 days after their exposure they had fever, sore throat, rash and flu (not cold) like symptoms, all of those came together, or within a few days of difference and lasted for a few weeks. As you see, the same symptoms are present in many other illnesses and not everyone had them, so, we can’t rely on them to diagnose HIV.

The symptoms you describe don't sound like HIV or ARS, but only testing could tell.

About testing, third and fourth gen Elisa tests are among the most common ones nowadays, according to CDC, any HIV test is conclusive if taken 12 weeks after an exposure, but you can take them before that, 3rd gen will give you an excellent indicator about your status around 6 - 8 weeks after exposure and 4th gen 4 - 6 weeks after exposure. A result given in those times is very unlike to change, but only a doctor, based on your risk level and his experience could advice you to skip the confirmatory test after 12 weeks post exposure.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you Alderick 84, based on your comment my antigen test and my antibody test I am on the right track to obtain a neg test at 12 weeks??? I am getting tested this week (  9 weeks) post incident and hopefully I will be getting a neg result, I am soo anxious and nervous . BTW I am not an IV drug user, never been a cancer patient, never being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, so I hope the tests aren't lying to me and I am indeed negative, I am still dealing with soo many symptoms and issues, and as you indicated most of my symptoms don't sound like ARS, but who knows :S
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Negative after 91 days  = 13 weeks , wrap it up guys!!1
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