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Broken condom

I'm a 28 year old woman.
I had a one night stand with a married man (not proud of it), your average guy, married, 2 kids (white, middle class for demographics purposes).
He doesn't use any drugs, rarely drinks, very heavy into sports and the gym, looks extremely healthy.
When he came out we realized the condom broke. I don't know for how long we had sex with the broken condom, but the whole encounter was probably 10 minutes.
I'm a bit paranoid about this stuff. But do I have any real chances of having contracted something as serious as HIV? Do you recommend to get tested? My gyno tests me every year as routine and it's been always negative, but do you think I should get tested for this particular incident?
Thanks in advance for all your answers!
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Practice safe sex alway.  It is good to get tested, atleast then you will feel stress free
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Using condom 100% prevents hiv. (hiv only)
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We were definitely trying to have safe sex, I just think I might be overreacting anyways.
I didn't really understand your second post.
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