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Bruise blood sewing pin

I had bruised blood in my gum so i used a sewing pin from the drawer to burst it , i didnt clean the pin but it looked clean and new

Im 60% sure i cant get hiv this way (nobody in my family has hiv) can someone confirm

but is there anything else i could get a infection from it my gum feels fine and the ball of bruised blood is now gone
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hiv is not transmitted through environmental surfaces or inanimate objects.  you had no risk
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Thanks Lizzie
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In my line of work I deal with security tags and pins , and I pricked myself with a security pin and bled a tiny bit , I trashed the pin straight away . This isnt the first time i have done it though , i sat on a pin by mistake recently. (Nobody in my store has HIV but when we get our stock it comes in already tagged and pinned sometimes so when merchandise gets detagged the pins and tags  comes through to our stock room and hence why i am asking incase someone at the depot who sends our stock may of had hiv and pricked thereself with it , could i get it)

All pins and tags are clean and dry looking when they come through to the stock room. The actual pin didnt show blood on it after i hurt myself either time it was just my thumb i squeezed it and noticed a little bit of blood coming out.

I was told by someone else online from the us medical site "Med Help" that (hiv is transmitted through...
unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse
sharing iv drug works
mother to child

hiv is NOT transmitted through environmental surfaces or inanimate objects.

you were never at risk )

Continuing on (next par happened at home)

I had bruised blood on my bottom lip gum so i used a solid sewing pin from the drawer to burst it , i didnt clean the pin but it looked clean and new

Im 60% sure i cant get hiv this way (nobody in my family has hiv) can someone confirm

The blood then came out and went away then over the next few days it keeps filling up with what appears to be saliva , So i got another pin and burst it and it was like water liquid that came out , Today i woke up and now i have a lump on my cheek (different part of mouth) i then went to see my doctor and ive been advised to see my dentist , the doctor belives its just a hardened ball of tissue or a beginning of a abscess and that i shouldnt be worried about it and that i have a appointment next week with her for some antibiotics.

Im all a bit worried about the hiv thing because of the work pin and other things im sure the sewing pin thing is irrelevant but the whole pin going into you thing scares me , Im sorry if anyone thiks ive been going on a bit but im genuinely concerned and have been thinking about the sum of events alot over the past few weeks have i been worrying about nothing ?
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No need to repost questions that you have already received answers to.

· Anyone who continues to post excessively, questioning a conclusive negative result or no-risk situation, will be subject to action by MedHelp. Conclusive negative results or a no-risk situation will be based up the criteria MedHelp’s doctors. Action will be taken as follows:
* After excessive posting, a warning will be issued by MedHelp
* Continuing to post regarding the negative result / no risk situation will result in a 3 day suspension
* Continuing to post upon your return will result in a permanent ban.
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i say this is honest sincerety...seek professional mental help.  it is obvious that you have some issues regarding getting "stuck by a hiv infected pin"
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I didn't mean to make that post I was using the text box and hit enter by mistake
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