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Last October,i made love with a lady.
Firstly,i fingered her for about 5 minutes.Secondly we had a French kissing for about 3 minutes,and i had a canker  in my mouth.Finally,we made love two times with a

condom. During the period of making love,she is on top of me,i double her vagina secretion dropped into my anus,where have some Small wound sometimes bleeding because

of inflammation.
Then about 2 weeks later,i found a dozen of red rashs without itch on my left arm(disapeared 1 month latter),which is very strange and i had never seen.I think these

red rash don't appear on a normal peple'body.I  communicated with a HIV taker about the acute phase symptom,and he gave a photo about his rash on his arm which is the

same with mine,So i am very very afraid of it.
This year , i marrid and  my wife and i want to have a baby ,but i am afraid of that thing happened last year.I have 4 questions followed:
1.How much the probability am i infected?
2.Have you seen a case who is infected by the way like what i tell above?
3.Do you think i need a test ?
4.If you think i have no risk ,can you explain the red rash without itch?

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You had no risk.
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can you say more details about it?
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can you say more details about why i have no risk?
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