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Welcome to the CDC National Prevention Information Network. You are now chatting with 'Jack'. How may we help you?
you: Hello
you: What is the window period of hiv according to the CDC
Jack: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
Jack: Hello, I am sorry for the delay. According to the CDC, the window period is 6 months after exposure.
you: Is it same for 4th generation tests?
Jack: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
Jack: The reason it is 6 months is because 97% of people will develop antibodies to HIV at 3 months, but some rare cases 3% occur at 6 months.  This window period is for antibody testing.
you: Ok. I am talking about ag/ab tests.
you: Combo tests or duo tests
you: My doctor told me that the new window period is 3 months
Jack: But which kind of combo/duo tests?
you: p24 + hiv 1/2 antibodies
Jack: According to the CDC, it is 6 months.  I can not comment on your doctor's statement or his information.
Jack: Ok...if the tests are antibody tests...it is still 6 months.
you: I have learnt that CDC used to say 6 months since 2004
you: It was 6 months but
you: from 2004, it is 3 months.
you: right?
you: no?
Jack: Again, it is 6 months because there are rare cases that take this long...it is still 6 months...I can give you the website.
you: Ok. When is the last case who seroconvert after 3 months?
Jack: We do not have that kind of information here...you can contact CDC INFORMATION at 1-800-232-4636 or e-mail at ***@****.
you: ok
you: thank you
you: here is the last question
Jack: Have a good day.
Jack: ok
you: CDC says 6 months to include all people and people who use IV drugs or has severe immune system disorder produce antibodies after 3 months. Is that true? or Can healthy people produce antibodies after 3 months?
Jack: No. Healthy people can develop antibodies after 3 months...they are rare cases but anyone could be that rare case.  
you: You even did not ask my exposure.
you: What kind of consultancy is that
you: You know nothing about hiv
Jack: I do not need to know your exposure...that is your personal information.  
you: Oh really.
Jack: You asked me the window period.
you: But it depends
you: if it is oral sex
you: than, 6 weeks will be sufficient
you: if it is receptive anal sex
you: 13 weeks will be conclusive
Jack: That is not accurate information.  
Jack: You can contact CDC INFORMATION at 1-800-232-4636

-No comment.-
Teak will say, they know nothing. But, here is the official guide of CDC.
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How come CDC comes up with these 6 month window period from no where. Here in london--i spoke to three STD doc and they said with HIV DUO test at 6-8 weeks is almost conclusive and test at 3 months i.e. standard test is 100% conclusive. For a normal person--6 months period will def take him to COMA for ever -even though he has no HIV - with the stress and anxiety
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can you help me... below is my question

i went for a third and final test eight months after my oral sex exposure, at a VCTC on saturday. it came out negative thru a capillus method. since yesterday i have developed low grade fever with cold and sore throat and pain in stomach and face. i am afraid that i have contracted hiv as i did not check if they used a fresh needle to draw my blood like how i did check the last two times. this is also a hiv treatment centre so most of the patients were hiv+. today i called the centre and they said that they used a fresh needle for me. i know you will will say that these days VCTC's use disposal needle but what am coming from is what if there was a mistake. to be honest i did not see blood on it but how can be sure about the inner part of the needle. you really cant see inside, can you? have i put myself at risk again... can i acquire HIV like this? please help. my worry is the feevr and other symptoms...can i be so unlucky in life? awaiting
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Teak told us two things:
1- CDC updated its window period in 2004 to 3 months.
2- Drug users, cancer patients bla bla may seroconvert after 3 months.

CDC rejects both two as you see above.
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shut up zayed!!!!
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I was just wondering-how do people now abt their immune system-Whether its strong or Weak--I had no fever from 5 yrs --this means i have strong immune system.  But here in UK--window is 3 months--
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inadepression, please beleive you me...am dying in here....please for gods sake help me... please
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you have been helped and told no risk. you are way over reacting and need to calm down.
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HIV duo test is almost conclusive at 3-4 weeks as after almost 3 weeks of exposure P24 antigen start getting untracable due to antibody development. Doctors say 6-8 weeks is almost conclusive for third generation ELISA as it bring down the window period to 21-25 days. A DUO is a 4th generation test and is 99.6% conclusive at 4 weeks. A third generation antibody test is a week or 2 slower in detecting infection when compared to a DUO test. So, when DUO is given a 99.6% confidence level rating at 4 weeks, a third generation ELISA reaches the same level at about 6-7 weeks to be on safer side. When the doc refers to modern tests, he refers to third as well as 4th generation as majority of places in US use third generation only for HIV screening and that is considered as modern test. This includes Oraquick Advance released in 2004, Vironostika HIV-1 Plus O Microelisa System from bioMerieux, Inc in 2003 , home access, Trinity Uni-Gold Recombigen™ HIV and plenty more.

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i completely agree with you but why do doctors turn up saying an negative ag/ab test i.e.Duo tests should always be followed up by 3 months standard test. All testing centers in london i.e. private health care offers duo test with a follow up procedure.
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I dont understand why--Its been 30 yrs with the virus around and still unbelievable that the drug companies couldnot find out a accurate test which says --yes ur def 100% negative or positive---
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coz they have a shop to run
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Thats true Danny--Money Money Money---I dont understand where they will put all those in the Graveyard. Yes we need to survive but not at the cost of others pain.
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You live in UK. I am sure they did not give you a DUO at the NHS and you must have gone private to some vendors like Freedom health where they would have charged you in excess of 100 pounds. You know a DUO test does not cost more than 10 dollars where as places like Feedom health charge 100 pounds. Just think over it. I won't ask my customer not to return if each visit of his is going to give me a 100 dollars gain.
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Thats True Danny.We have a hospital of our own-- I never been close to the diagonis but its true that a very percentage of money from Lab comes to our Hospital aswell for sending each out-patient to the diagnosis center. I been to all private clinics and it was the first time in my life i been to private clinics and believe me the cost is on the roof . I almost spent my 2 months pay into the hospitals. I have literally seen patients with HIV and their suffer and i never dreamt i would be gng to HIV testing ever in my life.
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did you read the first post?
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You talked to people that answer the phone they are paid to read out of a book. Their book was not updated. You've been given this information already.

Read "Should I get tested from the CDC:"


Now stop with your panick spreading.
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It only says 97% will test at 3 months.  How is that conclusive?
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the 3% does indeed include those who's immune systems are compromised. You aren't going to be the 1/1000000 of the healthy people who test pos outside 3 months.
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Did you go to the URL that I posted? You didn't, because you didn't read anything about 97% there.
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When I try http://www.cdc.gov/hivAcute hiv infection
and get to that page, it tells me that the page can not be found!

Thanks for your help.
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That's not the URL I sent you to. I posted the URL so you could copy and past it and go directly to the site.
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"Therefore, if the initial negative HIV test was conducted within the first 3 months after possible exposure, repeat testing should be considered >3 months after the exposure occurred to account for the possibility of a false-negative result. Ninety-seven percent of persons will develop antibodies in the first 3 months following the time of their infection. In very rare cases, it can take up to 6 months to develop antibodies to HIV. "

This is what your link says....97 %?
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