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CDC testing guidelines

Hi all,

I was wondering why the CDC considers a DUO test after 45 days conclusive while many here report the DUO being conclusive after 28 days. Is there any data available pointing to which one is true?

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Some people are overly conservative so you will never get consensus. We rely on the opinion of expert doctors, so test when the CDC recommends if you accept that instead.
Thanks. I have tested past 45 days, but I was curious as to why many claim 28 days. I know that Dr Hook and Dr HHH used to say 28 days, but now they recommend 6 weeks
They do still state that at 28 days it’s 98-99% sensitive but not 100% until 6 weeks. I was wondering the same thing
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Hey. Here's CDC's updated testing guidelines stating that the test is conclusive 3-4 weeks sooner than their previous testing guidelines (6-8 weeks)

So when is the CDC saying a duo is conclusive? That link just says earlier than previously thought.
Exactly. I interpret it as 3-4 weeks earlier than they previously thought (which was 6-8) so now it should be at 3-4 weeks. I could be wrong in my interpretation though. Its all very confusing.
I think its 3 4 week earlier than 12 week 3rd gen test
Yeah could be but these guidelines were released in 2014 and the US has been using 4th gen testing since  2011 so I just thought it would be updating the guidelines for the 4th gen test.
AnxiousNoMore what are your thoughts on that?
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