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hey. i did cocaine with an old buddy who i see once in a while. no history of needles or promiscuity with random women for myself and himself. for him just a lot of cocaine and alcohol. anyways the other night we got together for the first night in a long time and we shared a bill. i used the bill after him and there seemed to be a lot of blood on it after he used it.. i dont really know his medical history but for some reason i couldnt help but worry. i didnt shove the bill up my nose very far and i dont think there were any cuts or abrasions in my nose. what do you think is the probability that i have or could possibly contract HIv from such an experience? ive also never shared a needle, nore had unprotected sex let alone sex with women who i dindt know very well.
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Occasional use or daily use makes no difference, but hey I am not here to talk about addiction and illegal drugs so I will not go into it.

A lot of websites are conservative in estimates. When blood gets exposed to air and other enviromantal objects HIV virus gets deactivated because it is unable to be reproduced ouside of the body. HIV is very fragile.

Also the amount of blood is key...I can't say exactly how much but a little blood that would be on a bill would not saturate anything in your nose to cause an infection.
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I have a great idea...stop using coke.
You did not have a risk, there was not enough blood, and it would have been deactivated.
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why are there so many websites that contradict this. saying there is a possibility? how much blood would you usually need? thank you ofr your quick reply.(occasional coke used once every few months)
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so by medical research, it takes a lot of blood for infection? or is this just through the nose as opposed to directly in the blood stream?(say intravenus drug use)
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IV drug use is put directly into the blood stream so a lot of blood is not needed, but other areas need a lot more blood for a risk, because it has to be absorbed into the body, start reproducing and get into the blood stream. The nose while it does have some membranes that could allow that to happen it would need to be a substantial amount.

I doubt that you would be able to find one case report of HIV transmission from nasual use of coke.
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so your professional answer would be not to worry at all( i know i should be referencing your first answer however, us worried people tend to stay worried until we have heard a million NO's) :).
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I would not worry about it at all.
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thanks for your help.
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