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CSW - Unprotected Vaginal - HIV Symptoms?


I was in a bar in the Middle East and very, very drunk. I left with a female CSW and we went to a hotel. She showered, and we had vaginal sex. I believe she used some kind of lubricant. I would estimate about 2-5 minutes of sex. Afterwards I washed my penis. There was no blood blood or discoloured fluids. I left and went home. The next day I was worried and very angry and disappointed with myself.

12 days later, I felt a dull ache in my testicles, lasted less than 12 hours and then disappeared.

On day 14-15 I felt a pain in my pubic area and I had a high temperature. The temperature lasted less than 24 hours and has not come back. The pain, which felt like protatitus, lasted 5-6 days before gradually easing and going away. During this time it became painful to urinate due to “pressure,” although afterwards it seemed to take the pressure away some and the pain was less. I felt a little tired during the first two days of this “pain” but not enough to stop me training at the gym, and then okay.

On day 18 I developed a chesty cough. It is quite painful in my chest and there tends to be green phlegm.

I have been working out at the gym every day to try and distract myself from the worry but it’s getting on top of me and I am obsessively googling, checking for rashes, checking for ulcers and such.

There’s been no ulcers, no real loss of appetite (other than what I would say is anxiety related) no vomitting or diarrhoea, no rashes or ulcers, and no “persistent fatigue.” I have not experienced any discharge or typical symptoms associated with other STDs.

I visited the doctor yesterday, day 21, and he is going to test for STDs on Tuesday.

I expect he will request I come back in six weeks for an HIV test.

That’s my story so far, I feel a tiny bit better by typing it out and being able to share with someone, thank you.
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If u’re in the middle east then there r some NGO’s and drs who offers free and confidential 4th generation rapid tests  which are accurate after 3 weeks (21 days) from ur exposure .
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I'm going to correct your information as it is inaccurate.  4th generation duo tests are accurate at 28 weeks and after or FOUR weeks, not 3.
hi i really dunno i asked my dr about it and he said that our ministry of health offered these new rapid tests ( hiv 1&2 ,hep b&c and syphilis)  which are accurate after 3 weeks even the Ngo’s i visited provided the same info.
Duo 4th generation tests are conclusive at 28 days and beyond, to make sure our members have correct information.
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Unfortunately, having unprotected vaginal sex is a risk for acquiring HIV.  However, I do want you to keep in mind that a single unprotected vaginal exposure has less than a 2 percent chance of transmission.  So, very low and the odds are on your side. Good news, right?  But you do need to test.  Your worry regarding symptoms is not useful.  Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV and every single thing you mention is likely virus or anxiety related. Stop googling, stop over checking.  That's just going to make your anxiety higher.  Stay busy until it is time to test.  If you can get a 4th generation DUO test, you can get an accurate result at 28 days or after. If you can only get a 3rd generation test, yes, you have to wait longer for a conclusive result.  Follow your doctors guidance. The above information is incorrect by the way.  21 days does NOT give an accurate result with a duo test.  28 days and beyond, 4 weeks.  
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Thank you. I will do my best to put it to the back of my mind for now. I will get tested at the 6 week mark.
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A minor difference but I recall that the pain in my bladder area surfaced immediately the day after the testicular pain, and the high temperature appeared the day after that and, again, lasted less than 24 hours.
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I can tell this is going to be hard for you but your monitoring your symptoms isn't going to indicate a thing regarding HIV.  That is not how HIV is diagnosed.  You are going to hyper obsess about every ache, pain or illness between now and when you test I guess. But it's not something that really is relevant to diagnosing HIV. ONLY a test diagnoses it.  And I have a sore throat today.  Should I worry I have HIV?  No.  It's just a sore throat. So, you need to stay busy until it's time to test.
Yes, you are right. I am literally constantly on edge. In my mind the vision of reading a positive test makes me feel weak and nautious. And ofcourse these are typical symptoms and that only makes me more anxious. I am actually praying that I am diagnosed with some other type of viral infection that would explain that high temperature. I struggling to plan for and deal with the ramifications and consequences of what I am already convinced I have done.
Hi GuitarRox,

I was tested 40 days from exposure, urine and blood test. They took a swab and thought they could see some signs of NGU infection, so gave me a course of antibiotics.

I called for my results today. Negative for syphillis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and HIV.

Thank you for taking the time to write and respond, it made a big difference to me.
That's excellent.  Glad you were negative.  Rest easy.  Always use condoms and you won't have to worry.  
Just to add for the benefit of others:

The 40d test was a 4th Generation Duo to pick up antigens and antibodies.

Before that test I bought a BioSure home self test kit. It’s a third generation antibody test. I thought I’d may as well go ahead and use it, and did so on day 54. It was also negative.
Of course it was. Stop testing now. You don't have HIV.  
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