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CSW unprotected oral with burning urination - HIV worry

Unprotected oral, protected vaginal w CSW who swears she's clean and has the papers to prove it, even volunteered to come test with me!

Question: does duration and type of unprotected oral make it riskier to catch HIV, if at all - i.e. deep throating for half hour?
What if STDs are transmitted during this same oral act? Is HIV risk really still zero in this case?

Are condom failures always obvious, or can small tears occur without notice?

Also, burning urination at tip of penis with mild clear discharge 3 weeks post-encounter. Was using dirty shorts and underwear, due to long treks in jungle (swear I'm not a slob) - could this also be a UTI or would it necessarily have to be STD? Dr friend gave me 1g Azithromycin and symptoms cleared immediately, said it's possible a UTI can stimulate some glands in penis to release clear fluid.

Thanks Teak, Lizzie, and all of you moderators for this wonderful service you are doing! You are truly an inspiration, and you have no idea what a support you're comments have been to me through a really tough time. Please let me know how I can support your cause.
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You do not contract HIV from oral sex no matter how long the session was or how many times you do it. NO RISK.
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Thanks Teak,
Your comments are very appreciated!
Will post std question in proper forum.
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Teak, sorry for repeat just freaking out now - did not mention condom slippage half way but head remained covered, can you comment on condom slippage half way down shaft, w abrasion on shaft close to head (due to dryness) would not allow vaginal fluids to creep up inside the condom, is that not possible or probable? Checked some sites say it's a risk. Sorry for any repeats, any advice very needed. Thank you!
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No risk.
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Condom slippage happend after unprotected oral when I had protected vaginal, afraid dry condom not used properly posing risk with abrasion caused by dry condom, abrasion probably remained covered. Please comment. Thanks so much.
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Stop hijacking other people's threads.
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Teak, thanks, huge respect for your experience.

So trying to wrap up- did not mention to you ars like malaise, low fever w night sweat, sinus infection and laryngitis three weeks post my exposure.

Together with burning urination at same timing 3 weeks, thin brand trojan, dry condom slippage with abrasion near head (no breakage and stayed on head), adjusted and re-inserted. Vigerous masturbation after condom removal, may have caused or worsened abrasion, vaginal fluids present (had wiped with towel). Condom still covered head, no breakage or tear noticed on final removal.

Still no risk as in zero risk?

I'm learning from you that hiv would take a big exchange of fluid, not just a brush up against a superficial wound even if fresh abrasion on penis near head?? Am I correct?

Other websites are THAT theoretical w no practical use?

Thanks again so much.
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No risk.
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We both tested negative today, rapid oral test, five months post exposure. The past few month have been a rollercoaster of emotion and intense stress. To all worried out there: just stop googling and get tested. If teak says no risk, stop doing the what-ifs - they don't exist, its all in your head. The mind is a powerful crazy thing, it can make you experience any and all symptoms... If in doubt, get a test to ease the pressure, you'll just be relieved.
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